Passing Wind: Making Light Of Extraction

I hummed and hawed about writing this post because as a Lady (such as I am), farting is reserved for the bathroom (or vast and open spaces) and I would certainly always refer to it as passing wind, of course….

I’ve made reference in a couple of my posts about my Odontophobia (fear of the dentist) and because of that fear/ anxiety, I had left it far too long to have some issues regarding my teeth dealt with. This resulted in a referral to a specialist.

My first visit to the specialist was last Friday. I sat in the waiting room with Mr D blubbering away (yes, my dental anxiety is THAT bad) as quietly as possible until Karen came out to get me. Lovely Karen. Gentle, friendly and compassionate, exactly what you want in a dental nurse. AND she supplied me with a hand full of tissues.

The specialist, James, was equally as friendly and didn’t judge me, the 45 year old baby bawling as he spoke even though nothing was to be done that day. He explained what needed to be done (none of which was any surprise) and decided that it may be necessary to give me some valium half an hour before the procedure (today’s appointment) to calm my anxiety.

So today was the day. While I was standing in the shower this morning trying hard not to think about my ‘procedure’, the most ridiculous thing popped into my head. I was thinking about ideas for future blog posts when I was suddenly concerned that taking the valium would relax me so much, that I might accidentally pass wind while having my teeth extracted.

OMG! Am I crazy? I am crazy! A crazy Odontophobic person! I was having teeth pulled and all I could think about was farting! Well played brain….momentary distraction from extractions.

Anyway, it all went okay. My brain had made it far bigger than it needed to be.

Mr D came with me and stayed until I had to go in. I was given my dose of valium while waiting. Now, having never taken Valium before, I wasn’t sure how it would make me feel. It took the edge off my anxiety (as was the plan) and my concerns about passing wind while under the influence were….well I am still cringing at the thought.

Tonight, with five teeth now removed and my face starting to ache, Mr D is busy making me Bacon and Corn Chowder (I will post recipe later as this soup is divine) as I am reduced to a liquid diet, antibiotics and nurofen for the next couple of days.

Tell me about your crazy thoughts during moments of anxiety. Don’t be shy, just let it go….:)

Mrs D x

4 thoughts on “Passing Wind: Making Light Of Extraction

  1. I told my husband about your extractions during breakfast this morning. All he could do was grown. You poor dear. As for passing wind, good on ya. As the Disney Frozen song says, “Let it go. Let it go. I can’t hold it back anymore.”
    Great post, friend!


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