There Once Was A Dog Named Panda….

And thankfully, there still is!

I have mentioned before that I work most weekends which makes Sunday night my Friday night. I LOVE Friday night! It marks the end of the week and means a couple of days at home to catch up on chores, cook, watch a movie (not that I am very good at sitting still for long enough), garden….you get the picture.

My Friday night (everyone’s Sunday) was normal, to start off with. Mr D cooked the meal, we had a few drinks and the plan was to sit down and watch a movie. I have resisted the Game of Thrones however B1 gave us the first series to watch and now Mr D and I are hooked.

Just as we finished our meal, there was a loud rap on the glass sliding door in the kitchen. At the door stood our neighbour, torch in one hand (that’s what he used to bang on the door) and rifle in the other. He proceeded to tell us that Panda, our Border Collie, had been in his chicken coup chasing chickens and had attacked two of them. So he did what any good neighbour would do and shot him. He SHOT OUR DOG!

Some background. Our neighbour does not lock up his chooks at night. They are at the mercy of the fox and wild dogs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Needless to say, he has lost many a chook to the wily fox. He has called us many times to tell us Panda is in the chicken coup attacking his chickens. On each and every occasion, Panda has been on his mat in the lounge room with us.

More background. He is very trigger happy. He is guilty of firing shots from the window on the second storey of his home. Why is this a problem, you ask? If he is firing shots out of that window, they are into our paddocks. It is unavoidable and it is totally illegal. Having a firearm licence comes with a duty of care among other responsibilities. There was a day many years ago when our neighbour was shooting out of the window and our son was riding his motorbike on OUR driveway. We called our neighbour and asked him to stop. I should have called the police. Mmmmm….hindsight.

Bit more. Panda does not chase chickens. We have chickens. They free range during the day and are locked up every night. If we are not home, the chooks stay locked up. This practice means that we have lost very few of our birds to the wily fox. Panda has never chased our chickens let alone attacked one. He would not have survived his nearly seven years if he had.

Last bit. Panda does chase foxes, dogs that wander onto our property, kangaroos and rabbits. He will kill and eat a rabbit.

Back to the bit where our neighbour SHOT OUR DOG!

His story about the event does not add up however we will never know the truth and unfortunately, the law is on his side with regards to this situation. Was Panda on his property? Yes. Do I believe for one second that Panda was chasing and attacking his chickens? Categorically, no! Did I theorise that Panda may have been chasing a Kangaroo or a Fox and found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time? Yes. Mr D and I are not happy that the account by our neighbour was accurate, possibly even fabricated to make himself feel better.

He did apologise and because I overthink everything, nodding from those that know me well, I’ve decided that sorry is a word that should be banned from the English language. Don’t be sorry, just don’t do it in the first place. I had this very conversation (via PM) with a FB friend yesterday. Sorry is relevant when it comes to things I can’t control, after that I have to take responsibility for my actions and the choices I make. I won’t tell you my reaction to his sorry, it is definitely cringe worthy however there will be no retraction. I will never be guilty of not speaking my mind, to my detriment.

Despite all of this, the good news is that the bullet passed straight through Panda’s shoulder causing only soft tissue damage. The vet and his assistant couldn’t believe how lucky he was however then went on to say that Panda has used up one of his lives and that he needed to learn to ‘duck and run faster’. Peter the vet is our hero.

The bad news is that Panda will no longer be allowed to roam the property if he is not in our company. He may not be so lucky next time.

Panda is eating and drinking normally again. He is slowly putting pressure back on the affected leg. He will be okay. Cleo, our other dog (B1’s dog actually), has been brilliant with Panda. She has been there at his side during his convalescence.

Our animals, Dogs and Cats especially, are part of our family. When they are suffering it is only natural that you will hurt.

Has there been a time when your pet has been hurt, or worse, passed away, and you didn’t think you would get through it? Let me know.

Mrs D x

4 thoughts on “There Once Was A Dog Named Panda….

  1. Oh my days my breath was on hold till i heard he had survived. What a stupid old trigger happy senile man ! That is putting it politely! Maybe you should report he has a weapon on his property if its in the UK and you feel threatened by it for you and your husbands safety. And if that doesn’t work i would be tempted to let the chickens loose on the streets for the foxes whilst he is out, but that is being malicious slightly. Poor panda bless!!


    • Thank you for visiting the blog and for your comment. The sad part is, his chooks are never locked up so they are always at the mercy of the foxes. It takes us five minutes every night to lock ours up.


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