About Acronyms: A Post By RaFG

A comment on the blog’s FB page had me a bit stumped the other night. Don’t get me wrong, it was a GR8 comment however it ended with ‘RaFG’.

TBH, I thought I was pretty up on the acronyms used in social media. B1 is always happy 2 help me with the ones IDK however even B1 was stumped. Of course I had to ask the commenter what it meant and didn’t I feel a bit silly when the reply came back ‘Redbacks and Floral Gumboots’? In my defense, it was late and I’d had a few wines (YOLO)…LOL.

Do u know how many acronyms r out there? OMG! I found a list which u can c 4 urself here.

It never occurred 2 me how much we rely on these abbreviations. Unless u had the list, u wouldn’t know what half of them meant. I realised that I’ve been c’ing LMAO 4ever and had no clue what it meant (and maybe not enough interest 2 look it up). Now I’m thinking, I wish, as MA has not disappeared for all of my laughing.

Pondering the further development of this post started with my trip down 2 feed the piggies the other morning. It was a bit l8r than usual and Panda, the Border Collie, had gone AWOL. While w8ting for him 2 return, I started 2 think about the acronyms we used as children.

Remember these?

BODMAS- order of operations in mathematics.

FACE and ACEG- for all of the musicians out there.

Then, letting my mind wander as the bossy sow was nudging my leg with her muddy nose, I recalled that Mr D and I were supposed 2 do a First Aid course shortly after we got back from the cruise. I ended up postponing due 2 illness (translate: I had coughed up 1 lung and was well on my way 2 coughing the other 1 up), however I did end up doing the first part of the assessment. Did u know that DRABC has been replaced with DRS ABCD? We have all heard of CPR however now there is an AED and BLS. I hope the person I’m supposed 2 b giving first aid 2 doesn’t die while I’m trying to remember all of these acronyms. HHOJ.

L8r that day, Mr D texted from work. ‘I will have to work tomorrow as we ran out of time to install the AHU’. WT?? I know what a VSD (variable speed drive) is however I had NI what an AHU (Air handler unit) was. Engineers speak another language.

So do accountants and bookkeepers, I guess. BAS’, IAS’, PAYG etc were all part of my vocabulary for a long time.

Well, now it’s ur turn. Ur homework is 2 look up the acronyms that I have used that u don’t know. And then tell me some of ur favourites.

An RaFG post on it’s way 2 u and SWALK.


Mrs D x

PS and BTW. The funniest acronym I spotted in the list was NIFOC and no I’m not….






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