Do You Think It’s A Sign?

July has been a huge month. Lots of good stuff and lots of annoying/ frustrating stuff.

I’m feeling like it has been one thing after another at the moment, so I need to rant. Hope you don’t mind.

Christmas in July went off with a bang on the 2nd. I have a post written however I am having some issues with corrupt files on the SD card in my camera and I am not able to take the photos off it (photos that can’t be replaced). I’ve tried all of the things I can think of (including recovery software) and my next step is to take it to the IT guy in town. He wasn’t very reassuring though. Wish me luck on that one!


The day after, being Sunday, Christmas in July, the Eagle took our newest Lamb. I know it’s nature however it is still heartbreaking when it happens. We have had more lambs since so we are always on the look out for predators. I find I’m doing a lap of paddock one morning and afternoon to do a head count and make sure we still have five lambs (a set of twins were born on the weekend).

Mr D has been away a lot with work which has left me doing things I wouldn’t usually do. Not because I don’t want to, simply because I just don’t have the physical strength to do it. I’ve had to find muscles I didn’t have and still don’t. Enter pinched nerve in shoulder and dodgy knee needing physio. Am I getting old? Or maybe I’m just not meant for this stuff.

We have lost several Ewes recently. We don’t know why however when we talk to our neighbours, they have had the same issue. Not to say that makes us feel better, it’s just comforting to know that it’s not necessarily something we are doing wrong.

Bearing our losses in mind, I noticed a Ewe had fallen over just on the other side of the house paddock fence. It was a Tuesday morning and Mr D was in Wagga. She couldn’t get up and although it would have been easy enough to go and push her back onto her feet, I had Shanks to deal with first. So what was my reaction? Cry. Then swear…a lot! Then start to use my brain.

How to distract Shanks? I went and collected some biscuits of hay from the bottom shed and threw them over the fence on the lower side of the paddock where the Ewe had fallen over. I tossed that hay into a position where Shanks wouldn’t see me as I entered the paddock thanks to a very large fallen tree surrounded by a copse of living trees. Anyway, I managed to get that Ewe on her feet and despite a few stumbles along the way, she made it down to rest of the sheep and the hay.

The cows and sheep (except Shanks) were moved into paddock three this month ( it might have been June, I’ve lost track of time). Paddock three incorporates part of our driveway so we now have two gates to open and close when entering or leaving the property. I can tell you now that’s a pain, especially when you consider the amount of rain we have had. Mr D and I had been leaving the house paddock gate open during the day (when at home) however as the livestock hadn’t discovered that part of the property in their usual travels.

Well, in my wisdom or lack thereof, I decided to leave the house gate open over night last week. I saw the cows come through later that night and I should have dealt with it straight away. I didn’t. The next day, it took me about an hour and a half to remove them from the house paddock. They caused quite a lot of damage and there was poo everywhere. Lesson learned the hard way.

This weekend just gone, B1 and B2 came to visit as it was B2’s birthday recently. 20 years old. Far out! He brought some friends with him and they spent the weekend riding motorbikes, eating, watching movies…the usual stuff. It was a great weekend!

Monday, yesterday, saw Mr D heading off to Albury for the week and me left to restore the house back to it’s usual order. By the time I went to bed last night, aside from being exhausted, the wind had become gale force and it stayed that way all night. Even the ear plugs weren’t blocking that noise.

Now if I thought that parts of this month had been challenging, I was wrong.

This morning I was up at 5am, as I am most days, to put wood on the fire. Because the wind had been so strong, even with the damper shut, the wood had burned quicker than usual so the fire was out except for one little coal. It took me an hour to resurrect it.

In the meantime, while collecting smaller pieces of wood for the fire, I noticed that the wind had blown my green house over along with all of my seedlings. I went back to bed. I haven’t even dealt with that yet.

Later in the morning, as I drove down to feed piggies, I noticed a tree was down over the fence of paddock one. This paddock connects to paddock three and the cows and sheep have access to both.

With piggies fed, I’ve headed back up to the house all the while contemplating the repair needed to the fence. I’ve let the chickens out and have gone to replenish the Turkey’s water only to discover the water tank that supplies the outside taps is empty. At this point I’m wondering if I should have got out of bed this morning.

I stayed calm, kind of. After coffee and an egg and bacon roll, I came up with a plan to fix the fence (temporarily), executed it and now I just need to monitor the livestock until the weekend when a proper repair can be done.


That was all before lunch time and as I’ve looked to the sky and asked the powers that be what else could go wrong, I’ve seen this. Was this a sign? What was it telling me? Probably nothing. Just good timing. I had a giggle. In my mind, that arrow was telling me to get out NOW!

So I’m just about to finish this post and I’m thinking about heading down the paddock to do the afternoon piggy feed. I’m wondering if I’ve faced enough challenges today or if there are more waiting. It is only 3.30pm after all.

How is your day, week or month? Traveling smoothly or crashing and burning like mine?

It’s nearly August. Hooray!

Mrs D x







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