Today In The Garden: 17th April Edition

I’m wondering where the time goes. It’s April, and more than half way through it. Scary!

It has been weeks since my last post. I have lots of posts that I have started however I just haven’t had the time to complete them. It takes hours to put these things together.

Mr D and I did Fire Arms Safety training this afternoon in preparation for getting our firearms licence. It is the only way we are going to deal with the fox problem. I have to tell you that I was feeling anxious about the whole thing and needed a distraction. Apart from the usual chores of the day, I find the garden always manages to transport me to a peaceful place.

So… in the garden. More of a photo journey.

It was a dismal day weather wise. Sun out, sun not out! I don’t mind…just rain. We need more rain.

The tree onions and the garlic are happy in this weather. It’s my first time growing them so we will see how we go.

The Zucchinis keep on keeping on although the dreaded leaf mould has begun with the onset of the cooler weather.

The Musquee De Provence continues to invade the garden. This one is huge. I placed a seed packet on it to give you an idea of the size.

Luckily, the weather has been warm enough to keep the tomatoes ripening on the vine. The vines have started to die back though.

Radishes. They just keep on growing. I pulled up a few today to add to the salad and just threw in some seeds to take their place.


The citrus is the anomaly. Citrus does not grow well in this region which is why all of our trees are in large pots on the verandah. We have flowers and fruit on the lemon, lime and cumquat trees. I fertilise and mulch regularly remembering to keep a 5 cm space between the trunk of the plant and the mulch. Citrus likes it’s personal space.

The squash is coming to an end. I think these are the last two as the plant dies back.


The sunflowers are starting to wither. I will grow these again because if nothing else, they put on a smile on my face.


The sweet potato is something new. Similar to potatoes except vine like.


I threw some corn seeds in and I’m hoping they will make it before the first serious frost. Fingers crossed!


I have also thrown some beetroot seeds in as the last lot didn’t come up (might have something to do with the age of the seeds). They grow pretty quickly in the right conditions so with any luck, I will have something to pickle before the real Winter hits.

Well that’s it. Not really a day in the garden. More like a couple of hours.

Mr D and I passed the Firearms course. I made a couple of silly mistakes in the test. Anxiety can be the worst thing however I passed. Applications are now in the mail (because I am ultra organised and didn’t want to make a special trip into town tomorrow just to post them) and we will receive notification in about six weeks….because you can’t rush these things. Right?

What’s happening in your veggie garden?

Have a great week!

Mrs D x

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