I’ve been thinking lately how lucky we have been when it comes to the neighbours we have had over the years.

Since we got back from the cruise, I have been that damned sick. Light headed, ear ache, sore throat and a relentless cough. I coughed up the first lung week ending Friday (Happy Birthday and thanks very much), and after overdoing it in the paddock yesterday with piggy relocation, I coughed up the other one at about 3.30 am this morning. It hasn’t been pretty and I’m not the best patient (I don’t get sick very often so I’m not very good at it).

As a result, Mr D told me to keep warm (it’s chilly here this afternoon) and rest. Apart from picking what need to be picked in the garden and a few other mandatory daily chores, I have done very little.

Given that I’m really not much good at sitting still, I thought writing a post was a good use of my time (a post was long overdue) and wouldn’t take much of my already depleted energy stores.


When we lived in Sydney, we had great neighbours. Mark and Judy across the road (who we still keep in touch with), Bob and Gail on the left and June and Graeme on the right. We were all busy with work, children and grand children however we always managed a cuppa from time to time and the odd celebration for a Birthday or Christmas.

I think back to a day when B1 and B2 were quite small and quite sick (usual child hood ailments). I had finally managed to get them both to have a sleep at the same time however I needed to shop for some basics. I was able to call on Gail to sit with them for the 15 minutes that I would be gone.

It was sad to leave them all behind however when B1 was in 5th class, the decision was made to make a tree change. It was time to leave the Sydney rat race behind.

How we came to live in Cooma is a story for another day however we didn’t move straight away. We had bought a house that needed a lot of work so for eighteen months before the move, we travelled to Cooma every available weekend and did renovations. I think about that time and wonder how we did it. We were much younger then.

Anyway, it was during this time we got to know Georg and Al across the road. Funnily enough, they had moved to Cooma from the Central Coast. We would often have Friday night pizza or a bbq with them and other neighbours in the street. They were good times.

Georg and Al moved on after a few years (they are still in Cooma and we see them quite regularly) and Michelle bought that house across the road. Although we have moved out here to the farm and she has moved back to Canberra, we are still great mates to this day.

We also had the lovely Bernie and her husband Don living next door for a short time. We manage a cuppa catch up from time to time.

It’s been nearly eight years since we moved to the farm and a couple of things have happened over the last few days that have prompted this post.

There are always lots of little things that help you to appreciate your neighbours. It’s when big things happen that you realise how very lucky you are.

A couple of days ago, Mr D spotted one of our neighbour’s dogs running across our paddock. It’s a black Labrador that belongs to Dave and Donna (well, their son in fact) and she is completely harmless however after our incident with Panda and our trigger happy neighbour (the one we don’t get along with), I always like to give Donna a quick call and let her know.

So while I was chatting with Donna, I asked about the Hereford bull in their paddock (she and I both thinking it belonged to her back neighbour) and whether or not I could get the number for the back neighbour. I explained to her that we were wanting a bull to service our cows and that we were happy to pay. She said she would call me back as she didn’t have the number.

When she called back, she was embarrassed to inform that the Hereford actually belonged to her and Dave (Dave is the farmer and Donna works full time in town) and that they were happy for us to use their bull free of charge. The first big thing.

Now you might ask how we get that bull from their place to ours given that we have a neighbour in between. Enter Matt and Nicole. We haven’t met Nicole yet (they are relatively new neighbours) however Matt is a very nice guy and as he works for Parks and Wildlife and grew up on property, he is very informative when it comes to weeds and other farm pursuits.

Moving along, Mr D had previously discussed with Matt about putting an access gate into our shared boundary fence and had already said that we were happy to bear the cost. As I write, they are installing that gate. After chatting over the fence at lunch time, Matt said he had a gate (we were happy to buy one however Matt insisted), we had the other materials required and now it’s happening. Happened. Another big thing.

Neighbours. That’s 25 years of neighbours so far.

Have you got great neighbours? Or maybe you haven’t been so lucky.

Tell me about your favourite (or not so favourite) neighbour.

Mrs D x







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