Cruising: Our Carnival Experience

Mr D and I have just returned from our fourth cruise. Sad face.

Our first and fourth was to the Pacific Islands, the second to New Zealand and the third to Moreton Island.

Cruises have been the limit of my travelling experience. To be honest, I have never been on a plane and I’m pretty sure that a joy flight over Warragamba Dam doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

Getting on a plane to go somewhere is on my bucket list. For now, though, a cruise is a great way to travel and see parts of the world.

Sooo…..let me share some stuff about cruising. I’m going to use this cruise (Pacific Islands on the Carnival Legend) as the benchmark as it was by far the most outstanding.

The room. We had a room with a balcony this time. You know how much I love to take photos. So I did!

Food. I love to cook however it is a nice change to have the table already set, my meal cooked for me AND the dishes taken away for someone else to wash up.

Food. If you eat all of your meals in the main dining room, it’s part of the cost of your trip and the food was definitely amazing. Three courses of deliciousness. And, if you want more, which we didn’t, you can have more. The wait staff are so accommodating.

Food. If you feel like a snack at 12.30am (say, potato chips), room service bring it to you. This will cost you however a craving is definitely worth $2.75. Oh, and I didn’t have to get dressed up or put my face on. Room service is a 24 hour a day service.

People. We dined most evenings with some lovely people, Paul and Julie, who were from Canberra, as it turns out (an hour up the road from us). It was crazy how much we had in common so there was always plenty to chat about. How many nights were we the last to leave the dining room?

People. Our Steward, Stanislava, was the most beautiful and accommodating person. Nothing was a problem. Every day, our bed would be made, fresh towels would be provided and a towel animal made for our amusement.

People. The staff in the Red Frog Pub, in particular, Aura, Vedran and Michael, were so friendly and so much fun. We were only on the ship for ten days however every time we walked into the pub, we were greeted like we were old friends. The great thing is that you could sit at the bar with a glass of water or a coffee and not feel any pressure to buy a wine or a beer. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to twist my arm to have a wine. My liver is still drying out…


People. Company Bri were the band on the ship and we just could not get enough of them. They had a fantastic sound. We danced a lot. A LOT! Lauren, Ray, Bri, Nick, Hestevan and Mikail, you rock!

People. Steven J Whiteley, comedian (in the photo above, second from the right). Mr D and I met this guy on Friday afternoon. We spent a couple of hours chin wagging, laughing and drinking. Then we watched his comedy show, two of them in fact. H I L A R I O U S! Rude, crude and hilarious. Behind it all, a passionate man who loves what he does. And then he sang with the band….’Am I ever gonna see your face again’ by The Angels. O M G!

Luxury. Two showers a day on the ship. We are on tank water here at home so we try and limit ourselves to one short shower a day.

Dress code. Most evenings are dress casual however we like the chance to get dressed up.  On the farm, we live in jeans and boots.

Luggage. On a cruise, you unpack once. I don’t cope well with living out of a suit case.


Portraits. Once the kids leave home, when do you have the time or the inclination to get some decent photos taken of you? It’s not cheap and we don’t get them done every cruise however you have ten days, about eight backdrops and as many photographers to get the perfect photo. Win win!

The Islands. Mr D and I didn’t book any shore excursions as we visited a couple of these islands back in 2007. We wanted to swim, bob in the ocean for hours, lay back on the sand and try to avoid major sunburn. That’s exactly what we did. How clear is that water?

Shopping. Every now and then, you get a bargain in the shops on board. I picked up a couple of t-shirts for $2.50 each. The livestock don’t care if I haven’t really been to Alaska.

Washing. Mr D did the laundry to ensure we didn’t run out of knickers etc. Observers in the laundry commented that he was “well trained”. I wonder where it is written that laundry is a woman’s job???

Well, there you have it. As I finish writing this post, I am still reminiscing the great time we had and the fantastic people we met. We only got home yesterday however it already feels like a million years have passed by. Back to reality with a thud!

Have you been on a cruise? Tell me about your experience.

Mrs D x















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