Take A Day Off! 10th February 2016 Edition

Mr D and I are here on the farm a lot. I know we live here however aside from the usual trips to town to do groceries, collect mail, purchase rural supplies, do a tip run, or have a catch up cuppa with a friend, we don’t get out much.

It occurred to me yesterday and probably many times before yesterday, that we don’t have a weekend anymore. Seven days a week, we get out of bed, take care of the usual chores (and the list is long) and tick something off (or part there of) the project list.

None of this is a bad news of course, it’s just a reminder that sometimes we need to take a day off. A couple of hours is often enough.

So you might ask why it’s so hard to get away from the place?

The menagerie is growing. In size and in numbers. We are expecting more lambs in April.

And they eat a lot! The piglets probably have the biggest appetite. We have resorted to picking apples off the trees along the highway. Not a bad way to spend half an hour in the sun.

The garden is starting to look the way a garden should. I expect to pick my first zucchinis tomorrow and I hope that my tomatoes turn red very soon.

The poor old citrus trees that are in pots on the verandah needed mulching and fertilising. I finally took care of that this week.

Mr D travelled to Sydney recently to collect a cattle crush. It was an old one needing a lot of work, so he has been busy welding on new hinges and making repairs. My job is to wire brush it and then I can give it a coat of paint. It will have been a lot of work when it’s finished however new ones are so expensive.

The Turkeys were also needing new accommodation, (we needed something more practical for egg collection) so Mr D has been working on that project. A new house is in progress. Mr D has recycled old timbers and architraves because, as you know, recycling will save the planet (so true of course, and a family “in” joke) I will give it a coat of paint in the next couple of days.

With all of the rain that we have had, the weeds have started to grow and also the grass. Mr D has been spraying weeds and I have been whipper snippering. How quickly does it get away? How good does it look when it’s done?

We recently attended a 50th for our friend Jane that had a ‘Once Upon A Time’ theme. I have to admit I felt a bit stressed at first when the invitation was received. Dress up. I quickly made the decision that Mr D and I were going as Evil Queen and Captain Hook. If I thought I was stressed before I started sewing my costume, I was wrong. I picked quite a difficult pattern considering I hadn’t sewn for years. With help, though, I made it to the end of both of our costumes (by the skin of my teeth). Birthday Girl was also an Evil Queen as well. Don’t we look evil? Ha! It was a fabulous night.

So that’s just to mention a few things. Things that make it hard to get away.

Last night, I looked at the forecast for Cooma. 30 degrees with chance of a late thunderstorm.

“Mr D, we need a day off so we are going to the beach”.

Today, we tripped off to Merimbula. A couple of swims in the ocean (until it got too rough), a bit of sun baking and then fish and chips at the Cheeky Mango.

And that’s it! Take a day off when you need it.

Do you need a day off? Tell me what you have planned.

Mrs D x









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