Things That Tickled My Fancy: 16th January 2016 Edition

Warning: A photo included in this post may be a little disturbing however please be assured, it is usual farm practice.

Where does the time go?

The last ‘Tickled My Fancy’ that I posted was mid November so I have a bit of a catch up to do.

Things that have tickled my fancy in recent times.


B2 and I travelled to Canberra on the 3rd January to celebrate our friend’s very special 18th birthday. The day was spent on the Lake Tuggeranong foreshore eating, drinking and being merry.

Phil came out to help Mr D with drenching, vaccinating, docking (using a hot knife), castrating and shearing. The count on our lambs turned out to be 18 (it’s hard to count them all when they are spread out in a paddock). 11 boys and 7 girls. Shanks has been performing his duties as stud ram. Phil informed us that some of our girls are pregnant. Hooray!

A recent shopping day scored a few great bargains. New shoes for me. We also scooped the pool at the Salvation Army. 6 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of 3/4 pants, 3 shirts and a colouring book, all for $64. That’s not all! Spotlight had paper patterns, 3 for $10.

Another project is finally finished. The cushions on our lounge were dead and needed replacing. I bought the fabric and inserts in September however I just hadn’t had time to sew them. As of yesterday, we now have 6 new cushions.

The garden has been very confused due to our weird weather. It’s been a very different Summer with overnight temps dropping to as low as 4 degrees. Finally though, with some good rain and a few warm days, things are starting to grow. Raspberries, zucchinis, squash, figs, tomatoes, comfrey and the lone pear. The baby corn (no corn yet) is huge now.



We are counting down the days to our cruise. Noumea here we come….soonish!

Our niece came and stayed for a few days. We shopped, went to the beach, had dinner out with friends and she spent a day with our friend’s daughter watching movies and playing games.

The cows are letting me get a little closer to take photos.

Mr D and I watched ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ last night. I loved it! I can’t wait to see the second one now.

Onlookers. One of the turkey girls is always close by and doesn’t mind a photo shoot.

This is the 100th post on my blog!

Well, it’s time to go and do something that doesn’t tickle my fancy….after sewing, the floor is in desperate need of vacuuming.

What has tickled your fancy of late?

Mrs D x






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