The Pigs Have New Digs!

Five little piglets have now been relocated to new digs.


They are now 8 weeks old and had completely decimated their old digs.

Digs is such a funny name for accommodation however it is completely appropriate for piglets. They dig! With their noses, that is, and even in a hippy kind of way.

Yesterday was the day.

It takes a while to put these enclosures together. It’s not just a matter of keeping piglets in, we also have to worry about keeping foxes out. I gave Mr D a hand with lifting the side panels (we used old farm gates) into place and then he worked on the rest of it.

WP_20160109_16_08_19_ProaPanda had to have the final say, of course.

Our deadline was 4pm as we had friends coming for a BBQ.

Our friends arrived and we were not finished however their timing was perfect.

I was determined that we would lure the piglets to their new accommodation however Mr D was worried that method would see us chasing them around the paddock until all hours. I’m definitely not a risk taker however I have spent a bit of time with them and felt confident we could make it work.

My secret weapon was corn. These five babes love corn, above everything else.


The other thing you probably don’t know about pigs is that they are short sighted. They rely on their noses.

One more thing that was nice….

I am always on the other side of the camera and as a result I tend to miss great photo moments due to my hands on approach with the livestock. Mrs M was able to take a few photos and she also videoed the moment of luring.

It went very smoothly. Mr M and I were able to lure those piglets without too much deviation. Mr D stayed in the background making sure there were no side way escapees.


So our pigs have new digs. Their room with a view. Until they get too big for it, that is, and then we move them again.


I can get into this pen easily (Mr D put in an access gate) so tonight I spent some time with them. They love a scratch on the belly. This bossy little girl was putty after a big scratch.

It’s been a big weekend! Lots done and as always, still a lot to do.

Happy Sunday! Have a great week.

Mrs D x






2 thoughts on “The Pigs Have New Digs!

  1. Pig putty! My favorite!! You have had the best adventures on your beautiful farm and you should be so proud of yourself, dear. I honestly have no idea what a pig’s fav food is, but now I know. Haha
    Great job building, luring, and making a BBQ the most fun event! Love from Chocolatetown. ❤️


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