2015: The Post Analysis

Happy New Year!

2015 was an interesting year. Lots of ups and downs. Some gains and losses.

One of my New Year’s resolutions, however, is to make more of an effort to look for the bright side of things and spend less time dwelling on how I could have made things better or even have changed them.

Some things are what they are. Some people are who they are.

I thought I would start by looking back at the highlights of the year that was: 2015.


We had a visitor while friends had some time away. Barry the Jack Russell cross.

Mr D started work on the second rock wall.

The garden was promising a great harvest.


A 21st was celebrated.


I started blogging. This has been a great thing for me. Writing about stuff is very therapeutic. Thank you for following!

Lots of zucchinis and thoughts on different ways to eat them.

Plums off a tree at the front of the property. We didn’t even know it was a plum tree. Plum jam.

Entries in the Canberra Show.


A show: Mother and Son.


Lots of produce from the garden.

Entries in to the Cooma Show. A 1st for the Sultana Cake.

A trip to Merimbula for Mr D and I.


A 50th and a 21st celebrated.

A garden still giving.

Preparations began for B1’s 21st.


My first attempt at an apple pie. We had that many apples this year!


Two 21sts this month. B1 and our nephew. B1’s 21st was a great night.

The first of our livestock additions. Shanks the poddy lamb.


Redundancy for Mr D begins.

Toodle Pip. A celebration to mark the end of Mr D’s time with Icon Water.

The first snow for the season. Winter makes a grand entrance.


The purchase of the next lot of livestock additions.

B2’s birthday.

The most views on the blog in one day. 146 views on the 30th July.



An 18th birthday celebrated.

The first and major part of the renovation begins. The floor.

Blossoms on the fruit trees start to appear due to the unseasonably warm weather.

A visit to our Nephew and his Cafe.


The fencing project begins in earnest.

The arrival of our July purchase.

Our garden starts to come back to life.

Meeting with family from Sydney and Tasmania at Floriade, Canberra.

The most popular post on the blog in terms of views. Quick Slice: An Oldie But A Goody.


Lambs are born. Definitely an unexpected surprise.


24 years of marriage celebrated.

A day trip to Merimbula with our friend Michelle.

A party to celebrate the engagement of our Nephew Matthew to Gabby.

The garden continues to bloom.

We move B1 to Wagga Wagga. New beginnings.


B2 is now a 2nd year apprentice. Where did the year go?

Little chicks.

Queanbeyan show entries and wins.



Our annual Christmas get together with the ‘locals’.


The Christmas tree goes up.

We have our first experience at the Cooma Saleyards and purchase four Hereford cows.

We celebrate Mr D’s birthday by running away to Merimbula for an overnight stay.


The first calf is born.

We purchase five piglets. Red and black Berkshire cross.

Christmas presents are put together at the last moment.

DSC_0543 (4)

A fruit cake with a Christmassy decoration.

Boxing Day (our official Christmas day in 2015) is spent with B1 and B2 in Wagga Wagga.

A catch up with friends and family on Tuesday and Wednesday this week to deliver the gifts.

Blog stats: 97 posts, 1976 views and 848 visitors.

And before I let 2015 go, my Nan is in hospital and has been over the Christmas period. Mr D and I popped in to see her on Wednesday morning. She won’t see this post however I love you Nan xo.

I have just had a text from my Aunty to say Nan is going home today.

Well, there you have it. The pick of the bunch. It’s been a big year! Lots of things have been ticked off the list with a lot more still to go.

What’s your New Year’s resolution/s? How good are you at keeping them?

Happy 2016!

Mrs D x





















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