Christmas: Gift Ideas – Lolly Jars

This was a brilliant gift idea by Mr D borne (I’m not sure if I have used the correct born here) out of necessity. Necessity because at some point last week, I realised that I had one Christmas gift organised out of a possible thirty one.

Hampers had been my plan however I hadn’t left myself enough time to put them together.

Lolly Jars. Easy!

Mr D and I headed off to Canberra on Friday. A visit to Costco sorted out the lollies and I already had a cupboard full of Moccona jars.

Yesterday, B1, who has been visiting from Wagga Wagga, helped put them together.

Lolly Jars

What you will need:

Moccona jars or similar, cleaned (I also filled some noodle boxes that I had from last year)


Assorted lollies, preferably wrapped.

Curling Ribbon

Jar decoration. I used some smaller Christmas tree decorations that I had left from another project.

That’s it!

A project that is inexpensive, crowd pleasing and environmentally friendly (recycled jars).

Have you got your Christmas shopping organised? Or do you have a Christmas Eve dash planned?

Mrs D x

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