Post Redundancy -It’s Been 6 Months!

I can’t believe that 6 months have passed by since Mr D’s time at Icon Water came to end.

You can read about it here.

The months before it happened were so traumatic and yet it all seems a distant memory now.

We have achieved so much in that time. Previously, because of work and the travel times to work, we were really limited to weekends to try and get through the list of farm projects, especially in the Winter due to the shorter days. So things just stayed on the list and the list just got longer.

I wonder how we ever got anything done prior to redundancy as it seems there are still not enough hours in the day and we are here most of the time.

Anyway, the journey so far…

Two paddocks have been fenced. Mr D has also been doing repairs to our boundary fences.

So many new additions starting with Shanks, the not so poddy Ram. In September we added 24 Ewes, 18 (so far) of which turned out to be pregnant. Very unexpected!

Mr D and I have now added 4 cows (Poll Herefords) to the menagerie.

We had our first experience with the Cooma sale yards a couple of weeks ago. The auction was fairly fast paced which was good as the sun was beaming and the flies were manic. Two have calved without any problems, one calf was lost due to being crushed by it’s Mother and we are patiently waiting for the last one to be born.

These five Babes are the most recent addition.

Last Tuesday we traveled to Coolemon , which is about half an hour passed Wagga Wagga, to purchase five piglets, two girls and three boys. We collected B1 along the way.

They are hilarious to watch. I have been doing quite a lot of reading and I can no longer say that I’m sweating like a pig. Why? Pigs don’t sweat which is why they need a constant source of clean water to wallow in.

We have had time for time out. Time to spend with Family and Friends.

Mr D’s second rock wall has been completed.

We are coming out the other side of major renovation. New floors, painting, architraves and skirting. The painting continues on and on and on…


We celebrated 24 years of marriage! Young things in this photo…

And here we are at Christmas! The last six months are a blur.

We have decided to have Christmas Day and Boxing Day off. We will just eat, drink and be merry!

Sound like a plan? Are you going to down tools for a couple of days?

Mrs D x

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