Bound For Hershey: SS D Has Set Sail

Some time ago my blog buddy Kristal, my fellow ‘Empty Nester’, asked if I would participate in her family’s nautical Christmas theme.

Of course!

It simply involved folding an Origami boat and attaching a flag or something symbolic of Australia.

I folded the boat almost straight away however then got distracted by things on and off the farm.

Well, it’s now done. Our boat has set sail (well airsail) via Australia Post.


It’s on it’s way Kristal. Hershey, Pennsylvania USA, here we come!

Mrs D x

Published by

Mrs D

I live with my Husband Mr D on 100 acres in the Snowy Mountains region of NSW. This blog is about our life together. We have 2 adult children (they don't live at home anymore) who I will refer to for the time being as B1 and B2 (references to Bananas in Pyjamas). Feel free to visit often.

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