Things That Tickled My Fancy: 13th November 2015 Edition

This week I upped the ante and added a facebook page to the blog. I have had a great response and some lovely comments and messages. Thank you!

I have to tell you that I am thoroughly addicted to blogging. It’s like writing in your diary however out loud and I don’t mind sharing. We have worked hard and continue to do so and as a result, we have a good life. If I can lighten the load with snippets of our experiences, on and off the farm, or even by putting a smile on your face, then I have achieved my purpose.

So I bring you the next edition of ‘Things that tickled my fancy’.

Success at the Queanbeyan show last weekend. 1st prize for the Fruit Cake and for the Chocolate Cake.

New life. So many lambs (we’ve given up trying to count them) and 10 little chicks.

A garden that is flourishing and I haven’t begun to do anything yet! Nature is doing all of the work at the moment.

The sun came out today for a short time. Mr D and I didn’t get drenched going on our morning walk.

Rain. Our water tanks are full to bursting and some craft projects that have been lurking (for years) in the cupboard have been finalised.

A table covered in craft stuff. We’ve been eating all of our meals at the breakfast bar.

Friends. Where would be without them? Today we had a sausage sizzle catch up with friends in Cooma.

These hats that stop the flies driving you mad. I admit this is a mug shot (I suck at selfies) however not a double chin in sight, just some flared nostrils. A talent of mine although not planned. Must have been taking in the country air without fear of inhaling ten flies.

A garden bed ready to plant out.

Lavender. I just love Lavender!

The last and definitely the biggest tickle was learning that a friend who had a longer than expected stay in hospital due to complications during surgery is on the road to recovery.

And there it is. What has tickled your fancy?

Have a nice weekend.

Mrs D x

2 thoughts on “Things That Tickled My Fancy: 13th November 2015 Edition

  1. Wow! Spring is booming for you. What life and beauty you have there at your place! Congratulations to you on your amazing winnings at the fair. You should be super proud of accomplishments, dear. 😀 Your Lavender is stunning!!!

    What do I love today? YOUR POST!! ❤ Hugs, dear one.


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