Christmas: Gift Ideas – Wheat And Lavender Heat Pillows

It has been two months since I first mentioned Christmas on this blog. We are now down to about 45 days according to Facebook friends. It’s gonna go in a flash!

This morning, before I had even crawled out of bed, I decided it would be a sewing day. Raining and miserable weather helped my decision. I have been wanting to sew however there have been about 145 things on the to do list that were far more urgent. Guess what? After a day of sewing, there’s still 145 things that were far more urgent.

First things first. A walk, before the rain came back, with Mr D and Panda, the three legged dog, to visit the nursery (the lamb nursery that is). The latest addition has been twin lambs bringing the count to twelve, we think. Have you ever tried counting sheep? I can tell you, it won’t put you to sleep…

Thank goodness the fence is pretty strong because Shanks was giving it a workout. Shedding wool is itchy business.

With the walk out of the way and morning tea taken care of, it was time to make wheat pillows.

Probably the hardest part about this project was re threading the overlocker. Well, it’s not really hard, just fiddly. Thank goodness for those tweezers.

And I have to laugh. When I was digging out all of the things I needed for the project, I found this. It is the lid off the pins kindly engraved by one of the Bs. No need to ask which one as I recognise that same engraving style from the time he carved his name on one of our dining room chairs.

Wheat and Lavender Heat Pillows

These pillows make an inexpensive, useful and therapeutic gift. Include them in a Christmas hamper with bath salts (I will post recipes in the coming weeks), Sparkling wine and chocolates and you have the perfect pamper pack.

You will need:

Sewing machine

Overlocker (optional)

Iron and ironing board

Coloured fabric (cotton, gingham)




Using the coloured fabric (this will form your pillow case), cut a rectangle 66 cm x 20 cm. Cut the calico (your pillow) into a rectangle 54 cm x 19 cm. Iron both pieces of fabric as it is so much easier to work with when it’s flat.

Overlock each side of both pieces of fabric. If you don’t have an overlocker, use the zig zag stitch on your sewing machine. It will prevent fraying.

Working with the calico first, turn down a 1 cm hem at both ends. Iron and stitch.

Then fold the fabric in half, right sides together. Stitch the sides twice. Once at 1 cm and again at 5 mm. This will stop any wheat escaping once your item is completed. (You will note in my middle photo, I have forgotten to turn hems down. It’s not a big deal, just much easier to do before sewing the sides. I remembered for the second one however didn’t take a picture….whoops).

Place about 500 grams (roughly 2 1/2 cups) of wheat and 1 cup of dried lavender into your calico bag. Pin the tops together and sew twice. Once at 1 cm and again at 5 mm.

That’s it! Your inner pillow is complete.

Now, working with the coloured fabric.

At one end turn down a 1 cm hem. Iron and stitch. At the other end, turn down a 10 cm hem. Iron.

Fold the fabric in half (right sides together) as you did with the calico and stitch the long sides. This forms your pillow case. Turn the item so it is the right side out and iron.

Place your calico wheat and lavender pillow inside it’s case and you’re done.

How to use

About 4 1/2 years ago, my left knee decided it didn’t want to work anymore. While I waited for surgery, which was only a month, thank goodness, the heated wheat pillow gave me some relief from the pain.

To use, simply place in the microwave and HEAT FOR NO LONGER THAN A MINUTE. Two reasons. Firstly, everyone’s microwave is different and overheating it may cause a fire and secondly, you don’t want to burn yourself. I don’t want you to burn yourself.

Apply the heated pillow to the affected area. As a benefit, you will also enjoy the therapeutic aroma of the Lavender.

If readers (in Australia only due to Quarantine laws) are interested in purchasing kits or the finished item, please email me

Enjoy! Mrs D x

2 thoughts on “Christmas: Gift Ideas – Wheat And Lavender Heat Pillows

  1. Excellent idea, booked my sewing machine is going in for service next week, so I’m looking forward to doing some xmas sewing, along with the other 145 urgent things to do, including an engagement party and 2 trips to Melbourne 2 weeks before the 25th . Lots of life to live xx lots of love x


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