All Things Farm: 1st November Edition

I’m not going to pretend I know anything about being a farmer however I am enjoying the steep ascent while I learn! Extreme tiredness and aching muscles, I thank goodness for alcohol.

When we purchased the 100 acres, the plan was to change our lifestyle. Let me just say, all romantic notions put aside, 100 acres and full time work DO NOT go together. Add to that travelling to Canberra every day. The plan went out the window.

Some of our neighbours have thousands of acres. Aaargh!! I now understand why it is their full time job.

Mr D being made redundant and my work coming to an end (an untimely end) has allowed us to make things happen. Our plan has always been semi self-sufficiency. We can’t be unemployed (sadly) forever however it gives us a chance to put the infrastructure in place.

We have had unusually warm weather for this time of year. Don’t get me wrong, I am never tricked by Mother Nature, snow can still be on the horizon. We have had snow as late as November.

The grass (and weeds) is growing at an alarming rate, the seedlings are ready to plant, we have unexpected lambs, the chicks are hatching in the incubator, fencing the second paddock is now complete, weed spraying has commenced and the Brown snakes have made their presence known on far too many occasions.

You will remember Shanks, aptly named as the plan was to eat him. We decided we would use his boy qualities with the 24 ewes purchased. Fortunately for Shanks and most fortunately for us, several of the ewes were already pregnant. Seven lovely spring lambs so far. One stillborn. A constant reminder that life is fragile.

The chicken eggs have been in the incubator. Today marks 22 days. We had a temperature glitch and thought we would get nothing however, so far, eight chicks have hatched. Nature never ceases to amaze me. Human babies are so dependent on their Mothers. Chickens hatch from their egg and from the first moment, they know how to survive. I am in awe of nature, constantly.

We have had many Brown snake sightings, the most recent probably too close to the house. Thankfully, despite their high rating on the most venomous snake scale, they are not really interested in us, just the rodents. Having said that, I am not ready to get up close and personal.

As a result of the snake sightings, it was time to clear the house yard (a cool four acres on the side of a hill) of grass. A lot of mowing and a lot of whipper snippering. This was the reason for our most recent snake sighting. A story in itself and one for another day.

I feel like the veggie garden has been neglected however it has more to do with the weather. Some of the seedlings are ready to plant however my knowledge of the weather in this area leaves me a little wary. I am happy to wait. My seedlings can stay in their lovely green house surround until I am happy that Mr Frost has made a firm exit.

Weed spraying. Oh joy! Mr D and I attended a seminar recently (part of a weeds conference in Cooma) on recognising weeds. Boring you say? We met some interesting and passionate people. Luke and Liz….amazing people. We came away inspired and educated and confused. African Lovegrass would have to be our biggest problem however not one we can do much about at this stage. Serrated Tussock our next problem. After the seminar, everything looks like Serrated Tussock to me….clearly more learning for me. In my defence, I can pick St John’s Wort and Horehound from a distance.

So there you have it…life on the farm at this moment in time. You haven’t heard the last of it! I am in pursuit of cows and alpacas now.

Stay tuned to All Things Farm.

Do you have something to contribute? I need suggestions on how to reduce the amount of whipper snippering I do as it takes time away from other more important pursuits.

Mrs D x

4 thoughts on “All Things Farm: 1st November Edition

  1. Always great reading, im about to start xmas cake cooking, but now have an engagement party 2 weeks before to focus on. Never a dull moment. Did I tell you that matt ran a farm for 2-3 years at dalgety, I do miss that life, even though I was merely a visitor to it, hard constant work but in a great part of the world, have a good week xx✌️❤️ Xx


    • Thanks Fiona. Engagement parties are such lovely events having been to one recently for our Nephew. A lot of work for you though. I hope it all goes well. After that Christmas will be upon us xo


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