Christmas: Cards And Packaging Ideas

A couple of weeks ago, B1 and I spent a morning doing some Christmas craft. I have to admit I fluffed around a bit, for two reasons. Firstly, I am not very good at sitting still and secondly, I had pulled out all of the materials without having a plan on what to make. Anyway, I got there in the end.

Here’s a few ideas for cards and gift packaging, some made and some bought. Enjoy!


These cards were made up from bits and pieces of cardboard and coloured paper. The coloured dots on the Christmas tree were made using a single hole punch and I downloaded the shapes. Here’s the link:

The only limit to your designs is your imagination.

Tags, Labels and Packaging

I love making bath salts. They’re easy, they smell beautiful and most people love a soak in the bath (I will provide recipes in a future post). To package them up I used a cellophane bag and attached a cardboard top with a label and instructions. The decorative edge on the label was created by using scissors with a stenciled edge.

The cellophane bags were also used to package the baked goods that were given as Christmas gifts last year. B1 had painted this holly design for another use however it occurred to me that it would jazz up the cellophane bags. A happy accident!

These tags and labels were very easy. The materials used for the stars was cardboard and felt. The food labels were created in a word document and simply pasted onto cardboard. I have to tell you that the single hole punch comes in very handy.

These bags were purchased from the Reject Shop and a simple design, using cardboard, has been glued on. Too easy!

I hadn’t really considered Origami for decorating the cards and bags. B1 found these while googling Christmas craft ideas. Here are the links:

Purchased Packaging Ideas

I love looking for different ways to package gifts. If you don’t have time to do home made and most people don’t, there are so many inexpensive ideas now.

I bought the noodle boxes last year however in the end didn’t have a use for them. My plan was to fill them with chocolates and other goodies.

Christmas gift bags are so cheap now and they come in so many different designs.

I found these little gift tags a couple of weeks before Christmas last year. They were already marked down so I couldn’t go passed them. And as a bonus, they came with a chocolate.

The cookie boxes were used to package the Rocky Road. Just make sure you don’t leave them in the car while you have lunch with the family. It was 35 degrees that day and the result was not pretty!

So there it is! A few ideas to get you started. If you have an idea you would like to share, please email me

Mrs D x

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