Things That Tickled My Fancy Today – 5th October Edition

I was enjoying a glass of wine this evening while taking in the ever changing view. The wind had died down and one of the Turkeys was making discovery noises. Suddenly, Turkey girl was standing next to me on the table part of the Jack and Jill enjoying the view as well. Hilarious!

Things that tickled my fancy today!

Thinking of a great day yesterday spent with Mr D and our friend Michelle.

Strawberry flowers and the promise of yummy strawberries.

Apple tree blossoms that have exploded into the most beautiful flowers.

Making a quiche that used four home grown ingredients.

Fig trees leafing up and a fig!

Parsley and mint. I feel a Tabbouleh coming on.

Chestnuts surviving. Something new!

Potato plants. I don’t have to do anything, they just grow like wildfire.


New growth.

Green grass.

Washing that dried without needing a zap in the dryer. Warm and windy weather.

The beginning of the next round of fencing.

These guys and gals.

24 years of marriage.

What tickled your fancy today?

Mrs D x

2 thoughts on “Things That Tickled My Fancy Today – 5th October Edition

  1. Hmmmm….what tickled my fancy… Let’s see.
    I’d have to say: singing with my son, meeting a few new people, seeing the grand soy fields turning yellow, a warm blanket while watching a movie, afternoon coffee with a holiday creamer, and beautiful autumn leaves turning orange.
    Happy spring to you!! ❤️


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