Guest Post: Christmas Ideas by Kristal

Following on from my last post regarding Santa, my blogging buddy, Kristal, has sent me an email loaded with ideas for Christmas gifts. We connected over a post I wrote about being an ‘Empty Nester‘.

In her words….enjoy! And thank you Kristal xo

Hi Jeanette, dear.
As of late, I have been enjoying a DIY Christmas.  In fact the kids (my boys wives) and my cousin have vowed to only give hand made gifts.  It takes the pressure off big expensive presents and it really provokes thoughtful gifts.
The following are ideas I put together for last year.  The step by step instructions are on the links. I am still working on this year’s ideas.
With left over yarn, I made a 10 stitch loom blanket.  The yarn was very thick so it ended up being a very good insulating floor blanket for my grand baby.  It took about 2 months to make, but when you start this early, it really is feasible.
I learned how to do it with this video –
I made a rain chain for my dad.  I customized it to suit his liking.  He loves turtles, so I painted the chain an ombre green and placed two turtle shell painted pots at the bottom.  🙂
For my cousin and my daughter I made a cat cup cozy, since they love cats.  ❤
Event place cards are a simple but wonderful gift you can give to neighbors who are having family over for the holidays.  It’s practical and they can use them right away.  Acquire a guest list from them for the holidays.  Collect sticks and cut them to be 3-4 inches long and hot glue them together on each end allowing a space between to slip the penned card between.  Whatever tree ornament is seasonal in your area of the world, collect those and set them to the side of the penned place card and voila!  a GIFT!!  🙂

An awesome friend gave me custom recipe book dividers.  She took my recipe book and wrote down some recipe names from each section then drew / water colored the separating pages for each section.  Here’s a picture of my desserts divider.  I actually cried when I opened the gift because I knew how much time it took to create each one.

I hand knitted a bunch of scarves for the ladies of our family.  That was fun, quick, and easy.
We made a garden decorator for my husband’s mom.  She saw it somewhere in our neighborhood and mentioned that she loved it.  It’s a tin man made out of recycled cans.
For our granddaughter I made pretend animal ears.  They are finger knitted so no needles required.  Just hot glue, different colored yarn (depending on the animal you are looking to simulate), and fingers.  lol  This would be a great children hamper idea to go along with a face painting kit.  Just saying.  😉

Great idea for sharing our Christmas DIY ideas.  Thanks for sharing your ideas as well.

Love to you, my Aussie friend.  ❤

Thanks Kristal and I did note your hamper mention…lol.

Well, there it is, the bar has been set. I have been so busy helping Mr D with fencing, I haven’t even had time to get back to my own challenge.

Christmas is still on it’s way. Less than 103 days according to my cousin’s wife on facebook.

Ideas can be emailed to

I dare you.

Mrs D x

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