Santa Is On His Way!

Christmas is only 15 weeks away! This year has passed by us in a blink so while 15 weeks still sounds like a long time….it really isn’t!

I have a bit more time these days to prepare for the day.

In the days of full-time work, children at school, school committees, after school activities (and there were lots), weekend sport and of course everything else in between, Christmas was a rushed and stressful affair. Apart from the children opening their presents on Christmas day and enjoying catch ups with family and friends, it’s hard to think of something that stood out as being enjoyable.

When we lived in Sydney, however, my friend and I would head to Kmart in Blacktown quite late in the evening (extended trading hours) a few days before Christmas to do the present shopping or what was left of it anyway. Despite the chaos that was life back then, I was still pretty organised as I don’t cope well with last minute. Anyway, the place would be empty and they played Christmas carols (I LOVE carols) one after the other. It was the way to Christmas shop. It’s hard to believe that Kmart in Blacktown is now open 24/7. How times have changed.

So why I am I blathering on?

I wanted to share some of the things I do to prepare for Christmas. Mr D and I would happily go without the present part of it however it’s just what you do and I put a lot of thought and effort into the gifts that we give. I try not to purchase everything either.

I have used a picture of our Christmas tree to show some of the handmade items (not all by me).

These days people are so hard to buy for so I usually put together a hamper style gift consisting of food (made and purchased), smelly things (bath salts etc), craft materials for younger people, maybe a Christmas decoration and/or music, wine….you get the picture.

So two things:

  1. With each subsequent post, I will share with you some of my Christmas craft, gift and cooking ideas.
  2. I am going to ask readers to send me their Christmas craft/ cooking ideas to feature on the blog. You can remain anonymous if you prefer however I would like to see photos and for you to provide a step by step instruction. The instructions can be in the form of a word document and you can attach it and your photos to an email. The email address is

We live in a time poor society. Take a moment to share!

Mrs D x

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