Spring Has Sprung- Surprise!

I am very happy for Spring to arrive however it’s arrived a little early this year. Mr Frost hasn’t packed his bag yet!

It has rained for days and days which is important when the fruit trees blossom to help set the fruit.

The sun came out this afternoon (very briefly) and I couldn’t help basking in it’s warmth and spending some time in the garden. After weeks of work, dental appointments and other stuff, spending time in the sun seemed like my reward.

A picture journey.

The herbs are all coming back to life.

The raspberry vine has started to leaf.

The nectarine and plum tree have come to life.

The chooks were enjoying the sun also, dust bathing frantically before it disappeared again.

Turkey girl was happy to pose for a photo.

Shanks wasn’t. Look at how big he is!

More blossoms.

The strawberries are back. They don’t really die off in the Winter however they feel rejuvenated when there is warmth from the sun.

And the Rhubarb was looking promising however the Turkeys love it….a little too much.

What are you loving in your backyard at the moment?

I am excited at the prospect of warmer weather, being in the garden again and home grown fruit and veg.

Mrs D x

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