Taking Stock- Looking At The Bright Side!

It’s hard sometimes to get excited about certain things, especially after a week of Topsy Turvy. Driving to Sydney is one them.

Did you know that it’s been over ten years since we made the tree change? TEN YEARS!!

B2 lives in Sydney, so heading to Sydney is inevitable.

We have family and friends in Sydney, so yes, heading to Sydney is inevitable.

I was so upset with my behaviour on Saturday morning. Anxiety had taken over that morning (and the few days prior to that) and I forgot to give my Husband a kiss goodbye. He had cooked me breakfast and helped me pack the car. I berated myself all the way to work. I’m not a bad person….really.

I decided that focusing on the negatives was a waste of everyone’s time (including mine) so let’s have a look at the positive side to my my recent trip to Sydney.

I came up with 10 positive things. One for each year of the tree change.

  1. Visiting B2. Apart from the joy I get from spending time with my children, I managed a cooking day.
  2. Spending time with B1 and her partner who were also in Sydney for this visit.
  3. A very special get together on Sunday for the youngest GB who turned 18 years old last week.
  4. A nice quiet day with my friend MB and young GB after the big event.
  5. Sunshine and warm weather…..aaahhhh.
  6. A lovely breakfast with B1 and her partner at Cafe Cornerstone, a cafe run by my nephew Josh.
  7. Did I mention sunshine?
  8. A lemon tree absolutely weighed down with lemons ready to pick….and I did.
  9. Rosellas. Cheeky colourful birds enjoying the bottle brush in B2’s yard.
  10. Cheap diesel. $1.19 per litre before my discount voucher.

And there it is, 10 reasons to be grateful! I could have kept going however maybe in another blog post. I feel a series coming on.

What are you grateful for? Tell me the upsides of something you may dread.

A new challenge.

Mrs D x

4 thoughts on “Taking Stock- Looking At The Bright Side!

  1. So grateful to live in the same town as one of my boys and his wife. Grateful for a loving husband who is uber supportive of my crazy schemes.
    Grateful for friends who love some of the same things I do.
    To God for a second chance at living a better life with purpose and with His help. ❤️
    Thanks for a fantastic and inspiring read! Have a great day honey. ☺️


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