The D’s Visit Topsy Turvy World

To say that things have been a little bit crazy of late would be an understatement!

There has been work, far too many dental appointments (ongoing), fencing in preparation for the Ewes purchased, Shanks the poddy lamb keeping us busy, a dog with a gun shot wound and the list goes on and on.

With all of that happening, the call came a couple of weeks ago from Jamie at Carpet Court to say he now had time do our flooring installation. Exciting! Oh, but wait a minute….deep breath and count to ten….the flooring being installed is the easy bit (easy because we are not doing it), it’s all the preparation that needs to go on beforehand by Mr D and I.

The photo above is a bit of cheeky use of a sample to give you an idea. You will have to click on the photo to get a proper view,

Anyway, you know if things are going to happen, they will all happen at once. It’s just how it is.

The new floor will be installed throughout the whole house less bathrooms and bedrooms. It will replace the awful brown carpet that we have in the living and dining areas and the cork that was in the kitchen and parent’s retreat. We have also decided to do the laundry so Mr D has now ripped up all of the tiles. The work will span over four to five days starting Monday.

Are you thinking what I am thinking and have been thinking ever since we paid the deposit to have this done? Yes, we basically have to move out of our house. We have already decided to take the screen out of our bedroom window so that we have access to our bed and ensuite bathroom. Oh dear!

First part of the plan: the cabinets have been emptied of all their contents and moved into the spare room. Our huge collection of dvds, cds, videos and books have been boxed and put away. The piano has now gone to a good home. Mr D has started to chip the old hearth away. The rest will done at the last minute as we have no other form of heating.

Second part: Mr D will take up all of the skirting boards while I am at work tomorrow and Sunday and then remove the tack strips from under the carpet. The carpet can then be removed. The dining room table will be dismantled and put in the spare room along with the chairs.

Third part: Monday morning will be huge. The remaining furniture will need to be removed. Lounge, fridge and freezer, oven, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer and other bits and pieces.

Then we get out.

And because that didn’t seem like nearly enough to try and fit in, Mr D and I bought a large corner workstation/ desk for the study which will need to be picked up on Tuesday, from Fyshwick. The fencing project will continue to move forward. Mr D is going to help a friend Saturday afternoon with our side of beef (a story for another day). B2 has sold one of his paddock bashers so Mr D will have to prepare that for the buyers for Sunday afternoon. Work will still happen on Wednesday (BAS deadline approaching fast). Dentist appointment on Thursday. MUST get hair done on Friday (remind me to make an appointment with Michelle). Restore some order on Friday after flooring complete. Pack a bag on Friday night for trip to Sydney. Work Saturday before heading to Sydney that afternoon for very special birthday party on Sunday. Head spinning and possible heart palpitations however wouldn’t give it up for a minute. I will sleep when I die.

So there it is. That’s what’s in front. I can’t wait for you see the floor when it’s done. I can’t wait. There are a couple of things that make a reno complete and a nice floor is one of them. Flooring is the full stop at the end of the sentence.

Watch this space.

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