The Toilet Paper Did The Job!

Am I the only person in the world that has a serious phobia when it comes to dentists? I looked it up, googled it if you like. It, the phobia, has several names, Odontophobia, dentophobia, dental anxiety and the list goes on.

Anyway, I will admit to being a sook and I am also happy to tell you that as a child my Mother took me to the dentist once. ONCE! I was 8 years old, it was a hospital dentist and I had to have a filling WITHOUT a needle. The memory of it is still clear in my mind and I’m sure that anyone in the waiting room that day would still remember that screaming kid in the dentist chair.

The next time I went to the dentist, I was 17 years old.

Unfortunately, you can’t avoid going to the dentist forever. Believe me I tried and as a result I now have a few issues. Bloody odontophobia….how could you?

On Monday Mr D and I went to the dentist. He had already been once and insisted that the lady dentist that he had seen (Tiffany) was very friendly and gentle and would not judge me for not having seen the dentist for 4 years. Mr D was first to be attended to while I sat in the waiting room having an anxiety attack on the inside and looking as cool as a cucumber on the outside…..ha!

It was inevitable that my turn would come. Tiffany’s young assistant came out and called my name, all the while smiling sweetly and ushering me towards certain doom….

Moving on.

Tiffany was as friendly as Mr D had told me and he had obviously mentioned that we might be going to Costco later that day as she asked me what my thoughts were about shopping there. I explained that we quite like it however it’s important to know your prices as bigger doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper. Tiffany then went on to say that a friend of hers likes the Costco toilet paper to which I replied that we had tried it and found it to be too thin. She smiled and I have to admit that I was finding the whole conversation amusing.

“Well” she said, “you and my other friend would get along very well as she likes to have as much distance between her hand and her…..” and before she had a chance to complete her sentence, I put my hand up, pulled a face and let her know that I had got the point.

Well it worked Tiffany. Well done! A conversation about toilet paper and poo did the job (pardon the pun). I felt quite relaxed. I didn’t end up having a lot done however that’s a story for another day!

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