Mr D’s Day

It would have been easy three months ago, when the redundancy process at Icon Water started, to label this post ‘D Day’.

Mr D has now finished at Icon Water. Involuntarily redundant.

We didn’t see this coming.

Late last year, Mr D had to make a decision about his employment contract with Icon. The deadline for the decision was Christmas Eve. How fitting. Anyway, the choice was to stay as an MSA (Management Services Agreement) or change to the EBA.  Do you know (rhetorical question) Mr D changed to the EBA as the termination provisions were excellent compared to the MSA? He made this change not knowing, absolutely no clue, what 2015 would bring. Further to this, in January he was given a pay rise more commensurate with his experience and the role he played at Icon. The same role, I might add, that no longer has a place in the new Icon structure. I feel this a good place to write WTF?

The last three months have been tough. An emotional roller coaster if you like. Mr D is very good at what he does and I may seem biased as his wife however ask anyone who has ever worked with him. So to be told one day that what you do in an organisation is no longer required or is excess to the needs of the business, that’s harsh.

We have been through the emotions together.

The shock, initially, that Mr D was made redundant. It came from no where. No warning!

There has been plenty of anger. In my opinion (and only based on Mr D’s daily reports), the rolling out of the redundancy has been poorly executed. I should mention here that a whole division was affected, not just Mr D. Mr D was lucky. Some of his colleagues have been treated abysmally. More divisions have to face this yet. It’s not over.

Sadness. We have shed a lot of tears. Mr D loved his job at Icon Water and he worked with great people. The handling of the process left him sour and feeling betrayed. When you start feeling this way, the job becomes a chore and all that is left is the great people you work with. The sadness comes from leaving those people behind.

Once the outcome is finally determined (and in writing), there is relief. Mr D will tell you that the atmosphere in the office was unpleasant throughout the process. Morale was definitely low. He is happy to be out.

Celebration time! I suggested a party with colleagues to celebrate Mr D’s time at Icon along with others who have been made redundant. Toodle PIP! (Post Icon Party). A very clever play on words thanks to Michelle.

What next? Mr D and I have talked about so many things. Finishing the house and selling? Getting more livestock? More rock walls? Buying a backhoe and fixing our bloody awful driveway? Stay tuned.

This is Mr D’s day. It could have been a D day however it’s turned out to be okay. He has survived it, we have survived it! We are excited about what the future holds.

Have you been made redundant? What was your experience like?

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