It occurred to me today that I haven’t done a wrap up of June.

My feeling is that I am tired and it may not make sense. Let’s see how we go.

Nothing is growing in the garden. Everything is dormant. Honestly, I would love to be dormant during the Winter. Hibernation suddenly sounds like a fine thing. Call me Bear.

June was a big month.

Finally news about the redundancy, it is over. Well, over in reality however not in the financial sense.

Toodle PIP happened and it was a great night. No photos sorry as I was too busy with the food. I almost need a food photographer….

Shanks continues to grow and headbutt me at any opportunity. He is very bossy. I have bruises above and below the knee to prove it.

The blog has reached 1000 + views. I have to admit that’s pretty exciting! It is a hobby and I have allowed it to grow naturally.  Thank you to the loyal readers/ followers.

My cousin’s wife, bless her cotton socks, keeps reminding us on Facebook how many days are left to Christmas. I am sometimes surprised by what people post/ like/ share. A reaction to the Christmas count down left me a little gob smacked. Needless to say, the comment has now been removed. Don’t get me wrong, I am guilty of foul language however I am very careful with my audience. Respect is important.

B2 turns 19 in a couple of weeks. 19…OMG!

Friends are coming to stay next weekend. We are their snow base, which works well as the days are already filled with work and farm pursuits. We meet for dinner.

We are getting up to 10 eggs a day.

Cleo, Kelpie cross Jack Russell, farts a lot!!!

We are looking at more lambs however that requires fencing. Chicken/ egg situation.

B1 did really well at Uni. Distinctions!

Wilson is now my friend.

Time for sleep.

Where is the year going?

We are at the half way mark. Winter solstice has been and gone. Summer here we come…..I jest! Either I’m getting old, or the Winter is colder than usual…..

4 thoughts on “June

  1. hi. no I don’t think you are getting cold, it is definitely colder this winter. We ventured to canberra last weekend and it was snow from the top of Brown mountain to Nimmatabell! The top temperature in canberra all weekend was about 6 degrees. So cold. If my husband would let me wear a scarf, mittens and a beanie to bed I think I would have. I missed the wood fire so much….so glad to be home and warm again. Hobbifarm girl. NSW


    • Hi Hobbyfarm Girl. Thanks for following the blog. I know what you mean about Canberra. The air conditioning was on the blink yesterday in the office and I felt cold all day. I usually get through the winter wearing a summer nighty as I don’t usually feel the cold however this year I am wearing flannelette pjs and a pair of socks. I can’t wait for Summer this year.


  2. Just had fun scraping the ice off the car windows for my 30 year old son lol. I really do embrace the cold weather, crisp, beautiful ALIVE ❄❄❄


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