Cruising: Moreton Island

Ever been on a cruise? So far Mr D and I have been to the Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Moreton Island. It would be nice to go on another one however as the menagerie grows, it’s harder to find someone to look after the place. Chook shit and bossy lambs, among other things, are not everyone’s cup of tea.

Last year, in September, we took a very short cruise to Moreton Island off the coast of Brisbane. To be honest, it didn’t matter where we went, a change of scene was needed and this cruise just happened to turn up in my emails at the right price. Mr D was fast asleep on the lounge when I told him we were going on a four day cruise to Moreton Island…What?? You have never been guilty of that?

The great things about a cruise, for me (and I am far from being an experienced traveller having never been on a plane), is that you unpack once, someone else cooks the meals (fabulous meals I might add) and does the washing up, your room gets made up every day (if you want) and you can do as much or as little as you want. Simple things. I think one of my favourite things would have to be wasting hours reading a good book (that doesn’t happen at home) in one of the many coffee lounges. Coffees to start and as the day wears on, a cocktail or Champers before it’s time to get changed for dinner.

Anyway, back to Moreton Island. There is no port. Travel to the island is by tender from the ship. The day we arrived, the weather was spectacular. The whole island is sand so you can imagine how clear the water was and there were hardly any waves on this day. It was perfect! Mr D and I walked the length of Tangalooma Beach. At one end, there were wrecks which provide a haven for the marine life as well as acting as a breakwater. And the starfish, they were everywhere.

Reminiscing. A simple holiday. Just what was needed at the time.

I need some new ideas. I need someone to menagerie sit. Any volunteers?

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