Shanks’ Baaffoonery!

The fun continues with Shanks in residence.

He is growing so fast having put on 1.6 kg in the last week and his baahaviour (sorry couldn’t help myself) is out of control!

When I said that having a poddy lamb was like having a newborn, I was wrong. It’s far worse! At least when you put the baby down, you know it will still be there until you pick it up again. Even a toddler can be placed in their high chair with some frozen peas or orange segments while you prepare the meal. Rat hour starts half an hour before every feed with Shanks. That’s five rat hours a day!!

Mr D and I are not the only ones feeling the effects of having a poddy lamb around. Poor Panda! He has been very patient with Shanks. Everywhere Panda goes, Shanks will follow. I think Panda is feeling a little harassed. It was bad enough having to share his kennel with Cleo, now he has to share it with Shanks as well. Luckily it’s a very big kennel. Sharing is caring, right? Poor Panda!

Our efforts to wear Shanks out are successful occasionally. We haven’t worked out the secret yet however this photo of him asleep at my feet makes me think we were successful that day! Have I mentioned that he snores?

Another little party trick is raiding the compost bucket. Mr D caught him the other night removing a banana peel for his gumming pleasure. He picked this bit of parsley out and gummed it to death. It’s so hard to get a photo of him doing anything. The minute I am at his level with the camera he needs to be up close.

He loves plastic. Whether it’s the sound or the texture, I am not sure. Of course, it’s not really good for his health so we keep having to remove him from the situation. I have been painting so I have furniture covered in plastic sheets. Thank goodness I have finished. Problem solved!

I spent the weekend away recently which meant leaving Shanks in the charge of Mr D. This meant bottle feeds, cleaning up wees and occasional poos, sleeping on the lounge, not being able to go to the bathroom by himself etc. I have to admit I was glad for the break.

I walked in the door Sunday afternoon and the first thing Mr D said to me was, “I understand now”.

He then went on to tell me that he hadn’t brushed his hair in two days and his teeth didn’t get cleaned until mid morning each day.

Mr D was demonstrating to me how he was cleaning up one lot of wee and couldn’t understand why his knees suddenly felt cold and wet. That’s because there was another one right next to it. And to add to the hilarity of it all, while he was demonstrating, as he knelt on the floor, my eye caught the glimmer of a new puddle. Too late, wet knees again!

Then, of course, there is the sleeping on the lounge. With the wood fire in the lounge room, it’s obviously quite toasty and there isn’t the need for a quilt, a blanket is sufficient. The fire however doesn’t burn all night which means having to put more wood in a couple of times during the night. If only it were that simple. Shanks is not happy to stay sleeping, he has to follow you to the fire, head butt (he has graduated from nudging) you in the back of the knees and nibble on your toes.

Feeding time is hilarious. Shanks is so boisterous when he drinks his bottle. Mr D told me that on two occasions over the weekend, Shanks lurched forward that hard while drinking his bottle, that it shot out of his hand. I have learnt to rest my hand Shanks’ chest to lessen the violence of his lunges. Because he drinks the milk so fast (200ml in 4 1/2 minutes), when he’s finished, it looks as though he is foaming at the mouth. Milk lips!

So that’s the latest on Shanks. He spends a lot of the day outside now. It is probably time for him to be outside overnight, we just haven’t decided the best way to go about it. Any thoughts or suggestions? Bear in mind that our overnight temperatures have been as low as -9 degrees celsius and he is only three weeks old.

3 thoughts on “Shanks’ Baaffoonery!

  1. With this account of having a lamb, I now know why I’m not a farmer. I thought training a puppy or KIDS (every pun intended) was a challenge. Goats now scoot to the top of the list! I trust your knees will be dry once the weather gets warmer, but until then may your overnight logs burn long and your fuzzy family make the days cheery.

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