The May Muster.

Well here we are again at the start of a new month. We have woken up to snow this morning. Hello June and hello Winter!

The biggest thing this month was B1’s 21st birthday. It was a great night surrounded by family and friends. I am happy that B1 enjoyed herself and now I just have to finish the birthday album….

The second dry stone wall is complete. Mr D has been filling it with soil in preparation for the Spring planting, which at the rate this year is going, will be here shortly. I have a separate post, mostly written by Mr D, about the science of dry stone walling on it’s way this week.

Mr D and I managed an excursion to the Michelago Mayfair. Michelago is about 30 minutes north of us. It was a beautiful sunny day and a great day to be outside! Probably the only down side was the wasps. They were everywhere and I ended up throwing a plate of food in the garbage as I was afraid I would eat one (wasp) accidentally. I did get to enjoy my Devonshire coffee without incident.

The vegetable garden is now RIP. Apart from the couple of pumpkins still on the vine and some potatoes which need to be dug up, the rest has all died back.

I am pleased to report that our chooks have started to lay again. Thank goodness! Fancy having to buy eggs when you have 16 chickens of laying age. The newest ones are still separated from the big girls as the hen house was in need of renovation. Mr D has been working on the new wings. They need to be painted however it’s turned a tad cold with several -9 degrees celsius in the last two weeks.

We have a new addition to the menagerie. Shanks (or Tom Shanks as Mr D likes to call him) is a two week old lamb and unfortunately was orphaned in the last couple of days when his Mother died suddenly. It is like having a newborn in the house again. He demands my constant attention. As I write this, he is sitting in the sun grinding his teeth baaing every now and then just to remind me he is there. Luckily we have crappy carpet that is going shortly because he pees all of the time. It’s too cold to have him outside until he gets a bit older.

Apart from the cooking for the party, which I had a lot of help with, I cooked an apple pie from SCRATCH! Pastry and all. We have had that many apples, red and green. It was delicious and you can find the recipe here Apple Pie.

I have had a bit of work on with the March BAS quarter looming deadline which was last Tuesday.

Mr D is now officially redundant from Icon Water (ACTEW). The process started in March and it has been awful to say the least. He is just waiting for the finish date. More about this another day.

I think that’s all for now! How was your May?

Mrs D x

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