Flowers in the Attic

It’s funny the things that pop into your head on Mother’s Day. I was just remembering some things thinking about my Mother at a particular time in my life. It was a time where I still thought everything she did was normal.

I remember reading this series of books by VC Andrews many times as a young teen and often by torchlight after being told to go to bed. I am still guilty of being a night owl. The first time I read Flowers in the Attic though, we lived in a house on Brisbane Water Drive, Point Clare. I slept on the top bunk.

It was a cute little house however I can’t remember how long we lived there as we moved around a lot.

I finished primary school and started high school while we lived in that house. We had a live in babysitter, Beth, who was a great lady. Mum often worked away and my Sister was still quite young. My Brother and I were still quite young. It was the time when my stepfather started to hang around (not one of my favourite people).

There was a macadamia tree in the back corner of the yard and it was probably my first experience eating macadamias.

The fence had some loose palings that my Brother and I used to climb through after dark into the next door neighbour’s yard. An elderly woman lived there and she had the most amazing cottage garden you’ve ever seen. Of course, climbing through the fence had nothing to do with the garden….it was more about naughty children daring each other.

It was where we lived when I received a new camera. It was a disc camera. Do you remember those? You can’t get them anymore. Anyway, I became a crazed photographer and took photos of all sorts of things. I still have a lot of them. I remember making my Sister dress up just so I could take pictures of her. I have a photo of her out the front of that house.

In Year 7, Nanna gave me this horrible blue tracksuit. It was the time when full tracksuits were all the rage (I might add not all the rage for tweens). Mum made me wear it to school mufty day (non uniform) once. I was happy to go in uniform however Mum insisted. I got such a taunting that day. Some things stay with you.

There was a quarry across the road. It’s now a housing estate. Anyway, my Brother and I spent hours riding our BMXs over there. Hours! I had a beautiful BMX. One of my prized possessions. A ‘friend’ of Mum’s had given it to me along with a silver pen engraved with my name and the year 1982. There it is, an indication of the time frame.

In Year 6 I was given a book for academic achievement. My Brother and I walked to the school that evening as Mum was unable to attend. Don’t ask me the name of the book. It’s a compilation of short mystery stories. At the moment it is in B1’s book case in Canberra.

I remember having a middle ear infection and the pain of it was awful. Mum took me to the doctor eventually however by then the infection had well and truly taken hold. Treatment involved antibiotics, this gooey black crap that had to be put in my ear each night and let’s not forget the massive patch I had to wear over my ear 24/7 for two weeks (it seemed massive in my tween brain).

Like I said, funny the things you remember! A trip down memory highway.

Happy Mother’s Day! Mrs D x

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