Arrivederci April 2015

Until we meet again!

I’m pleased to say that April didn’t move at the same speed as the first three months of 2015. In fact, everything has slowed down to a manageable pace.

We are down to one egg a day from the Chooks which is really sad because we have 13 hens of laying age. Fortunately, one of the Turkeys is laying again 2 to 3 days a week. We are happy if we can beat Cleo to the egg. Her coat is very shiny!

Our garden has just about finished producing. I have collected a few more tomatoes, one pear, a few eggplant, the very last zucchini, lots of potatoes and there are 2 Musquee De Provence pumpkins still on the vine along with some little ones.

The lime tree, unlike everything else in the garden, has gone crazy this month. Crazy! Unfortunately, it’s not really the weather for a Moscow Mule however we haven’t been deterred.

The weather has forgotten that it’s still Autumn and has donned it’s Winter coat.

There have been lots of birthdays this month. Two very special ones though. The first one was Deb’s 50th in Newcastle and the second was Sazzy’s 21st in Canberra. Sazzy’s party was Harry Potter themed so Mr D and I went as Mr and Mrs Weasley. I have to admit I had trouble getting those bangs to look right in my hair. Mrs Weasley dress purchased from Salvos, Queanbeyan.

Preparations are under way for B1’s 21st in May. I have been going through our photos and those of a friend and I am still in disbelief that 21 years have passed by so quickly. B1 picked a very appropriate photo for the invitation. We still see the ‘horrid forehead’ from time to time.

Horrid Forehead

Speaking of years passing in a flash. I caught up with a friend from school this week while in Sydney. I haven’t seen Tanya for nearly 25 years however when we got together for lunch, it was like we had seen each other yesterday. Very comfortable and familiar.

That wasn’t the only catch up. We managed, finally, to have dinner with Michelle at Laos Asian Cuisine at Isabella Plains. It’s a restaurant that is pretty plain when it comes to the decor however the food is delicious. This was followed by a pavlova that had been cooked by Michelle’s daughter and dressed by Michelle and I. Apparently it looked like a pizza however I can assure you it tasted like a pavlova. Delicious!

While in Sydney, I also spent a few days with B2 in his new place. While he was at work, I had a big cooking day to put meals in the freezer and friend, MB and I, did the rounds of the Salvos looking for a coffee table and other items for him.

The rock wall that Mr D has been working on (and caused him an injury early on) is just about finished. Help has been on hand the whole time. Turkey girl making sure OHS and SWMS have been adhered to. Panda, the supervisor, making sure that the project stays on track and Cleo, the labourer, had to take some time out to enjoy the sun after some hard yakka. We won’t mention the Brown snake that had conveniently made itself at home at the end of the wall!

The fire has been on which means wood chopping for Mr D and kindling collecting along with lighting the fire for me. As much as I love a wood fire, it all takes time.

Lastly and most importantly, a young man passed away in April. He was the little brother of B1’s friend from school. He would have been 21 in June. Taken too soon! You won’t see that in the news and it wasn’t crime related. I’m having trouble getting passed this given recent events. RIP Master Cole.

Moving onto May! It’s going to be a big month. Tell me about your month. Go!

Mrs D xo

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