Empty Nesters!

Apparently that’s what Mr D and I are!

We are parents whose children have grown up and moved out of the family home to begin their lives. At first Mr D and I laughed at the prospect of it as we were seeing and talking to our children more after they moved out than when they lived here. B1 and B2 are now living their lives. We still talk to them both several times during the week and we often see B1 on the weekends however the change has happened.

They don’t rely on us for a lot anymore. Among other things they cook their own meals, grocery shop, do their own washing and pay their own bills (mostly). They don’t come with us if we go out to dinner with friends. They don’t come home after a day of school, cranky, tired and ready to eat the leg off a horse. And let’s not forget to mention the mono-syllabic responses to questions asked about their day. I no longer growl at them because I can’t see the floor in their rooms for the mess. I cook dinner for two now. We have leftovers now.

B1 turns 21 years next month and we have been going through the albums. Baby photos, photos of all of the firsts, school photos, family photos, Christmas, birthdays… It occurred to me how sad I feel about being an empty nester. I mean REALLY sad and I realised that I have been sad for a while.

It’s been a tough 5 months and it’s going to be tough for a little while yet. B1 has been moved out for quite a while now and is very happy in her flat in Canberra. The full impact of having no children living at home (I think) is not felt though until the last child (in our case, B2) has moved out. We moved B2 to Sydney to start his apprenticeship in November last year. I have been sad since then. Both children gone.

The end. Well not really the end. I have been considering my purpose in life. I do have a purpose, it’s just changed and I am in the adjustment phase. Mr D and I have also been working on the next part of the plan. Don’t get me wrong, we are still Parents, just Parents of adult children who don’t live here anymore. We will be okay, I will be okay. There are lots of empty nesters out there.

How did you cope with the experience? Hopefully better than I am. Mrs D xo

2 thoughts on “Empty Nesters!

  1. I understand the sad. Seeing the empty room was tough. We moved to a smaller home to start up new memories. We also rented out one of the two extra rooms to a young hard working girl from our church. She is pretty clean, helps with chores, and works a lot during the week. She is also home when my hubby is out of town, so there’s that sense of security and someone to talk to at the end of the day. Someone to bake cookies with and give them to neighbors. It’s been a wonderful transition to be honest.
    How are you doing now that a month has gone by? What new things have you tried? Any adventures?


    • Hi Kristal. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. It’s actually been since November last year when our youngest left home, so I’ve been a bit slow with the recovery. I think the turning point was my daughter’s 21st last month. I feel much better about things since then.

      As far as new things go, my Husband has recently been made redundant so we have been planning the next stage of our life. The adventure is about to begin. That has kept my brain busy which is good because that’s where all the trouble starts! I overthink everything.

      I think it’s lovely that you have a young person around to help you with the sad. It would be hard not having your Husband around when coping with such a change.

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