What’s in a view?

We have an amazing view and it has changed a lot in the nearly 7 years that we have lived here. This a picture journey ranging from December 2007 (pre-purchase) through to now.

This was our first visit. It was a miserable day however we were pretty excited!

New tanks in place. When we bought the place, there were three water tanks. One tank for the bore and two concrete (one of which can only be filled to the half way mark due to a crack) tanks up behind the house.

Early mornings can be spectacular! And there is never a shortage of rainbows.

Mr D and I have walked this track many times with the dogs. The rain in more recent years though has left it not so user friendly. A driveway not meant for the feint of heart.

The weather is unpredictable.

It’s not uncommon to have more than one season in a day. The snow fell in the morning on this day in June 2009 and the sun was out by mid afternoon with no sign that it had snowed. Meet snow dog.

It doesn’t snow often however when it does, it has usually melted within the hour depending on what time of the year it is. These photos were taken in May 2011. It’s hard to believe that we have endured 45 degree heat in this region.

The first two of these photos was the fire that devastated over 10,000 hectares in the Kybean Valley in January 2013. The third fire is our neighbour across the road burning his paddocks. I had to get in the car though and check that it wasn’t our front paddock.

Pink in the night, shepherd’s delight!

And with a view like that, sometimes you just have to take the time to sit and enjoy it!

Well, occasionally we get to sit and enjoy it.

Do you enjoy a view?

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