The Visitors

Apart from our usual menagerie, we share the 100 acres with lots of creatures, ‘great and small’.

Years ago, not long after we came to live here, we had a visit from this guy. He stayed a few weeks and then left without warning. It was nice having him around except the awful noise he made at 5.30 am in the morning outside our bedroom window and the poo. OMG! Poo the size of thick sausages.

The lizards come in varying sizes. It is said that if lizards are around, the snakes aren’t. This one would certainly give you a fright as you turned the corner of the house to find him sunning himself. We haven’t seen him for a while.

There are smaller lizards that are less intimidating. We often find them out on the rocks enjoying the sun. They are so still!

The eagles come to visit often. Usually in pairs. It’s fascinating to watch them however you just know they have one of your chooks lined up for their dining pleasure. There’s only been one attempt in our time here and thankfully the chicken survived the ordeal.

Of course there are the spiders. Huntsman,Wolf spiders and your everyday varieties. Every year though, for a few months at least, these spiders, B1 tells me they are called ‘Christmas Spiders’, come in the hundreds and spin their webs above the aquaponics beds.

We had a wombat around for a short time. Unfortunately she was suffering from a severe case of mange and despite our efforts to treat her she didn’t survive. The neighbour found her body on his property. We nick named her Wombina.

This year a family of ducks made one of our dams their home.

The Kangaroos are regular visitors. The first of these three photos was taken by MB.

We do have Snakes and Scorpions however no photos at this stage. When I had my up close and personal experience with the Brown Snake, I didn’t have the camera on me and I have to say taking pictures was the last thing on my mind.

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