“The Weather Factory”

I have recently signed up for Facebook.

Mr D and I have always said to our children, “if you can’t say something to someone’s face, then don’t bother putting it in writing”. I think that’s a good policy and I was afraid that Facebook would be loaded with situations where that philosophy would be challenged. What I didn’t expect was that I would catch up with people I had lost touch with because of life. LIFE! I am loving catching up with long lost friends!

Everyone likes to share what they are doing and I love to read it all. So many posts, so many pictures, so much….I love it!

Recently, B1 suggested to me to join the ACT Storm Chasers group on Facebook and I did because I had a great photo that I thought was share worthy.

WELL! It’s been an experience to say the least. If you don’t mind a heckling even though you are not being heckled because the ‘experts’ (maybe self proclaimed and don’t worry I have questioned the quals??) have decided to take the piss out of each other on your post, please join! WTF? It certainly makes you question your judgment.

Anyway, the photo I posted had a great response. Good and bad! Thanks for all of the positive responses (I didn’t expect much else as it was a storm photo…) First response, straight off the bat, was the political soap box guy who had made a mistake posting to the Storm Chasers page (if you have a look it has now been removed, however the OOPS! remains) and then there was the question of the legitimacy of the photo (right throughout the thread). This was two guys heckling each other, as it turns out, over my post. Please know that I have now left this group. Life is too short. I think what is interesting is that comments can be deleted on Facebook but what they forget is that everything comes through on email.

Two of my favourite responses however came from Jye Murchie and Michael King, who both confirmed the sighting either from seeing it through their own eyes or through someone else’s! Jye actually saw this from another angle.

The one thing that came out of it was the this area being known as ‘The Weather Factory’. I love that!

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