March 2015 Madness

This year is bolting passed us at record speed and now March is done. The sun has set!

It’s been a big month, again!

The B’s came to visit for a few days. MB and I had a huge cooking day in preparation for the Cooma Show. Big GB spent several hours chipping cork off our floor in preparation for the new flooring. There was lots of catching up and relaxing as well! It wasn’t all work.

Cooma Show is now done and dusted. Despite several entries in the cookery and the jams and preserves sections, a 1st for the Sultana cake was the sum total of my winnings. I’m not complaining. It’s certainly better than the sum total of nothing that I achieved for the Canberra Show.

MB and young GB had entries in the photography that did very well. So chuffed for them and also a big congratulations to young GB on getting the job! You will be successful in everything you do!

Leeanne, who came down in February to deliver her entries to the Canberra Show and stay the night, has just done very well at the Royal Easter Show.

There have been lots of Happy Birthdays this month including mine. March is a big Birthday month for us. I made Thai Beef Fillet for my birthday dinner. Yum! You can find the recipe here Thai Beef Fillet.

I love this birthday card received from a friend.

Cleo injured herself. It’s still a mystery however she has recovered well and the stitches are now out.

Mr D had some bad news a couple of weeks ago. We are still processing it so I am not ready to include it in my post. Suffice to say it has turned our world upside down! In response, I posted May I have this dance? It was a post I had been holding back for fear of the reaction. It’s had a mixed response, including B1 telling me I’m crazy, however it’s all good. I have been crazy this month. I’m completely okay with that!

The harvest from the garden has been excellent! Finally we have lots of tomatoes. I haven’t had to buy them for weeks, or cucumber, or zucchini….There has also been more Golden Nuggets, Musquee De Provence, potatoes (self seeded), a couple of figs and the limes are finally the right size. And the lime is flowering, again!

We also picked apples from the neighbour’s tree. They have all been packed up, with the help of a friend, and stored in cellar conditions in the hope that I can make them last at least six months.

Mr D and I finally got to Merimbula. It was a relaxing and enjoyable weekend! Certainly needed, just not long enough.

On Saturday just gone, apart from it being a State election day in NSW and Mr D being in Sydney to help B2 move house, B1 played clarinet at the Torrens Primary School ACT. She has joined the Southside Youth Wind Orchestra. The performance was fantastic!

To celebrate B1’s success, I ate a whole bag of Bounty bars on the way home (about 1 hour and 15 minutes drive time). I did plan to share with a friend over a cuppa however she wasn’t home. Oh well….

I joined Facebook this month. I have resisted for years however now it’s done! I posted this photo (that I took on Boxing Day 2013) on a group that B1 suggest I join. The group is called ACT Storm Chasers. It’s been an experience…

And last but not least, I have spent a couple of days with B2 in Sydney. Mr D moved B2 to a new place on the weekend just gone and I headed up Monday to make sure the last house was ready for final inspection and that B2 was settled in to the new house. A separate post is on it’s way! I couldn’t believe how putrid this house was and worse than that, the condition report reported (sorry that doesn’t sound right, however it’s late and it’s been a long day) it as being clean. Prepare for the soap box edition!

Anyway, signing off for March. April, here we come!

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