Panda Puff Dog

After a visit from a fellow blogger, Caboscloud, I felt compelled to write about Panda.

Panda, our Border Collie, was born on 28th November, 2008 and has been a part of our family since January 2009.

When our Dalmation Bronte passed away at 12 years old we weren’t getting another dog. It’s so heart wrenching when they die, you just think there’s no way you can do it again! She was a gift to our daughter on her 1st birthday and not even a week after we had picked her up (from a breeder, I might add), she became very sick and started vomiting. This prompted an emergency trip to the vet and we discovered that she had Parvoviris. I can’t remember how long she spent at the vet however she did survive unlike the 7 other puppies in the litter. We often wondered if the Parvo was responsible for some of Bronte’s ‘quirky ways’. We had a good 12 years with her and I think if a dog could talk, Bronte would have said that she’d had a good life.

We did get another dog after Bronte. He was also a Border Collie and we called him Charlie. We picked him up from a private residence on the other side of Cooma and he was about 6 weeks old. Unfortunately we only had him for 3 weeks. I started to worry at the time that he wasn’t busy like a normal puppy and as it turned out he had a type of mange. He was so sick that I would come home from work during my lunch break to check on him and he hadn’t moved. He would just look at me and with all of the energy his weak little body could muster, he would wag his tail. There had been many trips to the vet, lots of antibiotics and treatment however Charlie just could not be saved. Sadly, I don’t have any photos. I did take them however they were all corrupted.

So that was it, we were all drained of emotion and now definitely not getting another dog. I know I didn’t have another tear to cry.

Anyway, in January 2009, while on my Christmas break from work, B1 and I happened to walk passed the pet shop in Cooma and what do you think was in the puppy pen? A Border Collie pup. It didn’t take much convincing from B1 that we had to take him home and so Panda came to join us at the farm.

They grow up so fast. Panda is a beautiful dog and he loves a walk. His first walks, he stayed very closed to us and if he did venture into the long grass, he would panic and be back by our side in a flash.

Of course walking now is not a problem. When we walk down the driveway, he has chasing rabbits on his mind (or kangaroos if they are around although we discourage this). He has Cleo now for backup, his partner in crime.

His spread eagle style of relaxation has not changed. Note the feather duster full of burs. Never ending…that’s why the carpet is going very soon!

Panda had a little party trick that he used to perform. He hasn’t done it for a while however it was hilarious at the time. Don’t ask!

Panda likes to enjoy the view when he’s not running which he does a lot of just because he is a Border Collie.

He doesn’t like a bath AT ALL however he has no problem getting in the muddy water of the dam. Running is hot work after all! (Sorry about the over exposed photos…not sure what happened there).

He got out one day. Escaped the enclosure we had set up for him and followed us out to the highway, although we didn’t realise it at the time. When we got home, he was no where to be found. After searching for hours and calling neighbours we thought we’d lost him forever. Our very pleasant neighbour (not) across the road told us he would have shot him had he seen Panda. Anyway, I called the pound the next morning in the hope that he would be there and as luck would have it, a young couple had picked him up off the highway and dropped him off at the pound. They could have kept him but they didn’t. He could have been hit by a car but he wasn’t. When we are not at home now, at least one of us, Panda is on the chain.

We have a lot of nick names for Panda. He should be confused really. Panda Puff Dog, Smally, Black and Whitey, Chicken Dinner (you could leave dinner off as chicken is what gets his attention), Fluff Dog, Fluff Ball, Lazy Bones, Chain dog (this is for naughty Panda) and King of the Hill (he sits on the corner of the hill when one of us is approaching the house).

So that’s our Panda. Today, we had a visit to the vet for immunisation and I have to say it was our worst visit yet and at 6 years of age (Panda’s age of course, I never want to be aged 6 again), I thought we would be experts. Panda might be tough when he’s chasing rabbits and kangaroos however when it comes to Peter the vet, major wussy dog! It took myself, Peter the vet and his wife Margaret to trim his nails. OMG!

We love him dearly! He is our third child closely followed by Cleo!

Tell me about your canine baby!

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