The Patient.

Last weekend was a long weekend for anyone who works in Canberra (Canberra Day). Mr D was busy about the place and I had an ear infection, or something, which rendered me useless for three days. Finally, today (Thursday), the antibiotics seem to be working.

Anyway, on Monday evening Mr D headed down the paddock (as he often does) with the two dogs in the back of the car. B1’s ferrets needed to be fed and the pump for the water tank had to be turned off. Unfortunately, when he called the dogs back, he noticed Cleo had a big chunk of skin missing from behind her right front leg.

Cleo hadn’t noticed what she had done to herself at this stage and continued to wag her tail and be her sunny and bright self. It was only when they had come back up to the house that she slowed right down and it was obvious that the pain had started to set in. Mr D came racing in the laundry door to inform me that Cleo would need to go to the vet.

Only one problem. Mr D and I had already had a couple of drinks as part of our long weekend wrap up and neither of us could drive. It’s a long walk into town and although the vet does after hours, you have to take the patient to him (unless it’s a cow or a horse that is). So I made the calls, firstly to the vet to arrange an after hours visit and then to B1 (who had only been home in Canberra long enough to cook her dinner as she had spent the weekend here), told her what had happened and that she would need to come back so we could go to the vet.

It was about 8.15 pm when B1 and I were heading in to town, Cleo wrapped in a towel on my lap not making a single sound. Peter the vet had already arrived and was ready for us. Peter took care of Cleo, as a vet does, with his usual cheerful disposition and without any grumblings about being called out after hours. After some sedative (for Cleo that is), a clean of the wound and a couple of stitches (the wound was left open to allow it to drain) and some antibiotics, the three of us were headed home again.

What did Cleo do to herself? We will never know however it looked as though she had been speared by a long thin object (from observations made while the vet was cleaning the wound) whilst running in the paddock. Despite the appearance of the wound, it was only superficial. Mr D and I have looked but haven’t been able to find the offending object. For now though, she is back to herself and the wound is healing nicely.

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