Update: Cooma Show 2015

Friend, MB, and I delivered the cakes on Friday morning and decided to return for the judging.

I am not a competitive person (more of an anxious perfectionist) and I have to admit that I was afraid to hear any negative feedback. The thing is, either I am deaf or the judges speak so quietly to avoid any conflict, I didn’t hear anything anyway.

The judging is an experience. I thought I would be bored to tears however it turned out to be very entertaining.

The two judges for the cooking class had an average age of 85 years. Looking at them though, if I am that spritely at their age, I think I will be doing well (I’m not sure I want to live that long as I am worn out now)! We won’t mention the ‘size of the nuts’ conversation…very unexpected. We were, of course, talking about fruit cakes just in case you were wondering.

The lovely ladies looking after the condiments were just as entertaining often stopping to chat with MB and I rather than getting on with the job at hand. I won’t tell you how many times they got confused about what had been tasted and who belonged to what. Maybe I should kill you now that I have told you that….lol.

MB and daughter GB had lots of entries in the photography and even though it was an open judging, the photography judges made no effort to engage with us at all. We ended up leaving before they had finished. Young GB did really well. REALLY WELL! Congratulations young GB….you are so clever! MB also had a couple of honourable mentions. A successful day all round for the Bs!

So how did I fare? 1st place for the Sultana Cake! I can’t take all of the credit though as MB beat the crap out of the sugar and butter. The rest of my entries…a big fat nothing! Something is better than nothing.

Onwards and upwards! There is always next year!

Watch this space…

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