It rained on my parade!

Rain is a good thing especially when you have tanks to fill. No town water here.

It rained A LOT in early December. So much rain, in fact, that our driveway (1.3 km long) collapsed in several places making it almost impossible to drive on. Scary! After that much rain, the natural springs continue to run for weeks, sometimes months, which causes more trenching and turns the paddocks into a swamp.

Anyway, Mr D and I were supposed to go to Merimbula during that time for a few days. We were afraid though if we left the property there was no chance of coming back as the driveway was bad and getting worse.

We walked down to inspect the damage when the rain finally eased as there was no turning the car around if the driveway had disintegrated further.

I think back to when we first moved to Cooma, there had a been a lot of rain then as well however we lived in town so it wasn’t too big of a deal. I ran into Woolies to buy an umbrella and of course I couldn’t find one so I had to ask. The response was “don’t be silly, it never rains in Cooma”.

We invested in a grader attachment for the tractor a few years back as we had previously spent thousands on an outside contractor to do the grading only to have the rain wash it all away.

Long story short, Mr D did some emergency repairs to the driveway so we could keep going. Here we are in March and the springs have only just dried up enough so that grading can now be done.

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