Mission: Mr D’s shirt.

Many years ago, even before Mr D and I were married, we were getting ready for something (some family event, I can’t remember what) at his Parent’s place. They lived in the old house then (a new one has since been built) and it had a very long corridor that ran almost the entire length of the house. I say corridor as it was glass on one side looking out to the yard and had the bedrooms and bathroom leading off it on the other side.

At that time Mr D’s youngest sister had adopted two male cats that had not, at that stage, been desexed. She couldn’t keep them at her place so they ended up at Mr D’s parent’s place. It wasn’t a decision that made her very popular however what was done was done. Fish and Chips were their names.

Anyway, on this occasion everyone was busy getting ready, having showers, ironing shirts, putting makeup on etc. It can only be total mayhem when ten people are all wanting to use the only bathroom at the same time. You get the picture. Even the cats had been banished to the outside in the chaos so they weren’t under feet and little did we know at that stage that they also had a reputation for marking territory.

After Mr D had ironed his shirt, he hung it on the door handle at the end of the corridor and ran into the bathroom that had cleared at that moment. His Mum and I were ready and so were chatting away at the other end of the corridor watching all of the goings on. At that moment, and it all seemed to happen in slow motion, someone had left the front door open and in ran one of those naughty cats. He ran straight passed Mr D’s Mum and I, and straight down that corridor stopping only to spray on Mr D’s shirt. His one and only shirt! Watching that cat, you would have thought that he had only one mission in life the way he targeted that shirt. As quick as that cat appeared, he disappeared. Mission completed!

It was hard not to laugh however I did and Mr D’s Mother was also laughing. I’m still laughing about it now. Mr D was not happy AT ALL, he had a look of horror on his face and all he wanted to do was ring that cat’s neck. Did I mention the smell?  Disgusting! I can’t remember now if Mr D even wore the shirt that night because we had a lot of trouble washing the smell out.

I had forgotten the story until last night when B2 mentioned the shirt hanging on the door handle with a very cheeky grin on his face. He wasn’t even a twinkle in our eye when it happened however the story has been rattling around for a while.

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