February must have been in fast forward!

Where did February go? Mr D and I were hoping 2015 would be a quiet year however I feel like Jan 1 arrived and we hit the ground running.

What happened this month?

There has been a lot of practice and preparation for the Canberra Show. I entered a Rich Fruit Cake, Sultana Cake, Carrot Cake, Choc Caramel Slice, Choc Fudge Slice and Lemon Butter. I had to put the cakes onto a foil board, so after a bit of research, I made a special trip to Latorta in Majura. The young fellow who served me was lovely. Their board prices were outstanding (until I found out Coles also sell them) and he threw in the cleats (sticky feet for the bottom of the board) for nothing, otherwise I would have been off to Bunnings to get them. FYI I did run into Spartys, on my way, to check their cake board prices (only because I had to pop in to Spotlight) and they were three times the price.

How did I go at the show? Nothing. Even my friend was unsuccessful and she usually wins. It all comes down to taste at the end of the day. The upside is she and I had a great catch up as we probably only see other once a year.

I have worked (work work) several weekends. The BAS deadline waits for no one. I enjoy being in the office on the weekend. The phone doesn’t ring and even if it does, I don’t have to answer it.

The chicks are growing. It’s almost time for the oldest chicks to go in with the Big Girls. Not long now. The Big Girls have moulted AGAIN which means no eggs (or not many anyway). The weather has got them all confused. Sorry to my loyal egg customers.

After my Brown snake incident, I’ve been brave enough to walk the dogs again. Back to complacency until the next time! Not really, I do keep an eye out constantly. I even sprayed weeds the other day. Redback boots and spray backpack donned and off I went spraying Wort making sure the dogs were always around.

Mr D and I had a visit from our young friend GB post my trip to Sydney to see B2. We had a great week and a bit together discovering new recipes, GB teaching me some wordpress stuff, shopping, killing plum jam…..we did a lot!

Speaking of Sydney, with so much on, I have only managed one trip this month to see B2. He has been down to see us a couple of times though so I guess that makes it alright. There are just not enough days in the week, or weeks in the month in this case!

Mr D has now finished his Cert IV in training. He is happy that he has his weekends back. He sits at a desk most of the week for work so hasn’t been very happy locked in the office at home every weekend trying to get it finished.

We had some Happy Birthdays which reminds me B1 turns 21 in May. Aaargh! What happened, where have the years gone? I have been working on her with regards to a plan for the party. We ARE having a party B1. We have to mark the special occasions in life.

I have now paid the deposit for the new flooring. We want to paint the walls, skirtings and architraves before it gets laid. Let’s not mention the cork that we have to finish chipping up before anything can be done. On the day that the work starts (it will take 4 days), we need to have moved out all of the furniture in the lounge room, Parent’s Retreat and dining room and the fridge, freezer, dishwasher and stove/ oven need to be taken out of the kitchen. You know what that means? It means WTF was I thinking when there is so much else going on? You won’t be able to look at me sideways while it’s going on however I can’t wait for the end result.

Mr D and I saw Mother and Son at the Canberra Theatre.

On a day in January, Mr D hit a roo in the morning and was rear ended that afternoon by some woman on Drakeford Drive. It was a full moon so need I say more? Anyway, his car went in for repairs towards the end of February (it would have been earlier however he tore the muscle in his leg and he was under orders from the Physio to stay home from work) which meant we became a one car household for the best part of a week. Do you know how hard that is when you live out of town and you have to deliver cakes to the Canberra Show? It all went to plan in the end.

The fruit and vegetable harvest has been incredible. We discovered a plum tree (thanks to the keen eye of a friend) at the front of the property. There have been more zucchinis (although thankfully coming to an end), a million lebanese cucumbers and nearly as many golden nugget pumpkins. I picked the first tomato although I’m a bit worried it will be the one and only. What is with the weather this Summer? No capsicums, not even a flower. We eat a lot of capsicum and a lot of tomatoes for that matter. There are more apples to be picked. The neighbour, as I mentioned in a previous post, has three apple trees laden with the most brilliant red apples you’ve ever seen. He is happy for us to pick them, we just need to find the time.The lavender has flowered for a second time….crazy business!

There is a photo of a copse of trees below and they are the neighbour’s apple trees. You can’t see the apples as they are such a deep red however pay particular attention to the height of the grass. Hmmm….

My favourite movie of all time is Big Chill and I watched it for the millionth (perhaps an exaggeration) time this month. Love it!

I think that is February in something more than a nutshell. The year is only just getting started and I think I need a Nanna nap…..

Bye February. How’s the month of February been for you? A nice quiet one or running?

March..ing forward.

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