Mattress now toppered!

There is a blog I follow and you can look at it here Babymac. I love the way the blog is written and the photos are always gorgeous. I also enjoy reading the comments which, in this case, were the inspiration for this brief post.

In February last year, Babymac posted about mattress toppers. The post had such a great response (couple of sour grapes however just ignore them) and I started to wonder if I was missing out on something.

About four years ago, Mr D and I bought a new mattress. We thought it was good quality and it cost quite a bit of money (more than we would have usually spent). Three years later, we took it to the tip. It was a dud. The next mattress was purchased from Fantastic Furniture, it was not expensive however it was comfortable. Because of the no flip technology though, even with rotation, you just end up swapping body indentations. Anyway, the rationale behind a cheaper mattress is, if in three years we have to take it to the tip, it won’t be such a big deal.

So I bought a mattress topper. Best thing I ever did. With each wash, the topper comes back to life and adds that extra layer of comfort. Admittedly, I can’t fit the topper in our washing machine however I have a friend in town who has a much bigger machine and in the time it takes to have a cuppa and a catch up, it’s washed.

I am such a convert, B2 is now the owner of a king single topper and I have just bought one for the guest room. You don’t have to spend a fortune, the one for the guest room only cost $29.99 from Aldi.

You are probably wondering why post about this. It’s simply information sharing. The day I bought the topper from Aldi, three people (including myself) who were all complete strangers, discussed the benefits of a mattress topper.


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