“I’m not hung up on this completion thing”. (A quote from Big Chill the movie)

I really am hung up….I do like to finish things.

I’ve always loved craft in whatever form. Sewing, knitting, cross stitch, folk art and even craft in the class room when B1 and B2 were small.

When we lived in Sydney, I did a lot of craft. Every Thursday night I would go to craft night at a friend’s house (sometimes I didn’t arrive until 8.30 pm and there was a good chance I did nothing, but that’s ok) and throughout the year I could finish at least one major project and possibly a few little ones. Looking back, I’m not sure how I did that. Mr D and I worked full-time, we had two small children and throughout the primary school years we were out for up to four nights a week with after school activities which often meant Mr D and I heading in opposite directions. Among all of that, I was President of the P & F (Parents and Friends) for two years, Mr D was involved with the grounds maintenance group at the school and we were both involved with various fundraising activities. Makes my head spin thinking about it. I couldn’t do it now to be quite honest.

Anyway, when we made the tree change to the Snowy Mountains region, all the craft stopped apart from the occasional sewing day with a friend. I’m not sure what happened. Change of focus, older children, different after school activities, having to travel further for work? Your guess is as good as mine.

Just recently my friend Leeanne started a blog as a challenge to herself to ‘craft away’ her overgrown stash of haberdashery and materials. You can have a look here www.handmadeby.com.au. While I am not up to doing a project a week, I’ve been inspired enough to dust off a couple of projects that have been hanging around for at least 10 years (I know, shame on me). Every now and then I dig them out however other things often taken priority.

The last time I dug out this cross stitch house, I discovered that I was a cross out somewhere. It is a counted cross stitch however clearly I can’t count. I put it away again. I need to trace back to the culprit to work out if it will affect the work overall. The other problem is I couldn’t see it, which is probably how I made the mistake in the first place. A trip to the optometrist has resolved that at least.

The other project I have in mind for completion are these simple wall hangings. I had a plan for them a long time ago but for now just finishing will be my objective.

Well they have been dusted off, let’s see how far I get!

What craft projects do you need to get back to? Or even start?

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