Hate was probably a strong word….

Sometimes I hate this place…

There are days I don’t want to get out of bed. The list of chores is endless. ENDLESS!

When we bought 100 acres, I didn’t really consider the work that would be involved. Not because I’m stupid or even naive, just because I wanted something other than the blah of suburbia. The view was all I saw when we came to look the first time. I love a view, WE love a view.

I didn’t consider the weeds, the work on the house that would need doing, the fact that there were not enough water tanks and that the water tanks already here were in need of repair, the 1.3 kilometer driveway that would turn to shit every time it rained, the fox that would come and steal my chooks, the brown snake incidents that would leave me too scared to walk the dogs, the fencing that would not be adequate (without spending a lot of money) to keep livestock, the need for a tractor and subsequently somewhere to house it, the huntsman spiders, the constant whipper snipping because we live on the side of a hill, the fact that we could only grow veggies (or anything for that matter) 5 to 6 months of the year and the fact that it would blow a gale 90% of the time.

Mr D tried to tell me although I don’t remember those conversations. I definitely had my rose coloured glasses on however rest assured that they are now permanently removed.

Why then? It’s been blood, sweat and far too many tears (tears all from me) with still a long way to go however pictures speak a thousand words…

I’m over myself now. Hate was probably a strong word.

Ever have a moment where you think maybe you can’t be bothered anymore? And then you’re reminded it’s not so bad after all? Or maybe it is as bad as you think?

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