Plum Fire Trucked!

We have lived here for 6 1/2 years and over that time, depending on how much rain we’ve had, we have discovered trees that are actually fruit trees (mostly apples) simply because they’ve fruited eventually. These are trees that didn’t fruit for the first few years.

DSC_0549 WP_20150121_11_08_26_Pro

Anyway, the apples have been harvested (out of necessity because of the Rosellas) although I have got my eyes on the neighbour’s three apple trees. I’ve been meaning to text to see if they have a plan for them. I must get onto that before the Rosellas do.

This is not a story about apples though, more a story of discovery. On Thursday I was coming home from shopping in Canberra, two friends in the car, when front seat friend commented on the plum tree having lots of plums on it. I have driven passed that tree a gazillion times and didn’t know it was a plum tree.


With plum jam on my mind Mr D, friend GB and I went and picked plums on Sunday afternoon, 6 kg to be exact and there were plenty more for the taking. Sunday night GB and I pitted the plums and with the two of us, it took just over an hour.


After putting them into a large boiling pot, I added 4 cups of sugar and made sure that all of the plums were coated, and then let them stand for an hour. The smell was beautiful!


Once the mixture had sat for an hour, I put it on a gentle heat (to prevent it sticking to the bottom) and brought it to the boil, stirring occasionally. Once it had cooled, which was overnight, I brought the mixture to a gentle boil again (Monday morning). Look at the colour so far. And the taste already….OMG!


Late this afternoon (Monday), I put the pot back on the heat to bring it back up to the boil (the recipe I was following called for the mixture to be boiled and cooled several times). I wonder how that works with the bacteria however I’m not an expert on such things.

Anyway, we (GB and I) were soon to head off to Canberra to have dinner (Mys Vietnamese at Weston Creek….a must try) with Mr D and B1, after they had both finished work, and I left the jam to do its thing while I put a new face on. Letting my mind wander, I was thinking about the jam not thickening and maybe I could puree it and put it through a sieve and call it plum sauce…I had totally forgotten that I had put the pot back on the heat, so by the time I returned to the kitchen, I had burnt the crap out of it. Not only was it NOT plum jam, there was no chance of it being plum sauce or anything else for that matter. The smell was bad, really bad and I felt sad. All that work. I couldn’t apologise enough to GB. We were looking forward to plum jam SOOOOO much! She was such a trooper and kindly offered to pit more plums.

I did say this was a story about discovery and this is what I discovered: I will NEVER use that recipe again and I will NEVER leave the jam to put my face on ever again! WTF was I thinking? Oh, and I need to buy a big pot with a thick sandwich base for more even heat distribution. I have been meaning to do that….

I am not looking forward to cleaning the pot and for now it can wait.

Let me know your cooking disaster. You know you have one…

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