Solutions not problems: Herbs and Spices

What seems like a lifetime ago, I worked as an Assistant Accountant for a coffee roasting company. The manager and accountant, Nick, had a policy or philosophy (which ever way you want to look at it) of solutions not problems. I’m not sure he subscribed to it himself but that is not important. He would say “if you have a problem you need to discuss, make sure you have three possible solutions to bring to the table as well”.

Are you wondering where I am going with this?

Well, cooking and entertaining is something Mr D and I love to do and in 2012, we finally got our new kitchen. When you live in small town, these things take time. Trying to coordinate tradesmen, etc.

Anyway, Norman from High Country Kitchens has done a couple of kitchens for us now. When planning this one, drawers as opposed to cupboards were all the rage (drawers for plates, cups, saucepans etc). There are more drawers this time than any kitchen we’ve had before however still a good quantity of cupboards.

To be honest, I didn’t think I would have a use for all of these drawers. There are 11 in total of varying sizes. Of course, they have all been put to good use. Pots and pans, the garbage, cooling racks and trays, all of the foil and cling wrap type items and my hands down favourite would have to be the drawer for the herbs and spices. Behind this


lies this.


The problem was that I had to pull out every jar (no different to a shelf in a cupboard) to find the one I wanted. The solution, which seemed obvious once I had done it and probably a case of ‘der’, was to label the tops. It took a bit of time however now the problem is resolved.

How do you store your herb and spice collection?

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