Little Miss Muffet still lives here….

I don’t like spiders however when your house is one of a few light sources for kilometers, you will attract every bug around, including the spiders, Huntsman and Wolf Spiders especially around here.

You learn to live with them. No really, I’m quite serious, you do, because they are harmless when you consider that there are Brown and Tiger Snakes sharing the realm.

I cope when I can see them, I cope when they are out of sight however I don’t cope when I am sharing a chair with them….

This guy was on the wall. I’m happy as I can see him/ her/ it. Then it was gone and I’m still happy because it’s now out of sight…..forgotten.


A couple of days later Mr D and I are watching a movie. The lights are out except one. I catch a movement out of the corner of my eye and run. My friend is on the edge of the cushion of the chair that I am sitting on…..

Mr D jumps up as well seconds after I do, unfortunately my friend has moved quickly out of sight. A bang of the chair on the floor shakes it out of it’s hidey hole and a sweep of the broom sends it back out to where it came from.

I am well behaved these days when it comes to spiders…pretty well behaved anyway. There was a time I couldn’t be in the same room. Don’t get me wrong, I am much happier if they stay on the outside of the house.

How do you feel about our 8 legged friends? What do you do when you see one?

An update. A new friend has made itself comfortable between the verticals on the kitchen window today. Oh joy!


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