When in Sydney…. Part One

Every fortnight or so, I head to Sydney for a night, sometimes two, to spend time with B2.

I find it difficult to sit around doing nothing however when I am in Sydney B2 is at work all day so apart from cleaning the dunny, vacuuming the floor, a bit of shopping, cooking, washing and whipper snipping, I am often at a loss for things to do. I jest….

What did I get up to this trip?

I have been able to spend time with a close friend.

When Mr D and I decided to make the ‘tree change’ (I am yet to post about this), having the time for friends and family became difficult. Not because you don’t want to be in touch, because LIFE gets in the way. B1 was is in Year 6 and B2 was in Year 3.

Anyway, close friend MB and I had a once a week Donut King tradition when the youngest of our children had started school. We revisited that tradition on Wednesday after probably 12/13 years (correct me if I’m wrong MB). OMG! I love a hot cinnamon donut. L O V E…in our small town, the last time I went looking, you couldn’t buy a hot cinnamon donut. The Woolies dried sock version just doesn’t cut it….sorry Woolies.


We then tripped off to Milperra to buy bottles and jars. Why you ask? As you know, I have entered the Canberra Show and my stash of jars has been depleted. I might add that the entry criteria is quite specific for the Canberra Show with regards to the jams and sauces. After extensive research, I found Plasdene, who have the best prices (bearing in mind the $120 minimum order) and the best customer service. You can find them here http://www.plasdene.com.au/ .


I arrived home yesterday (Thursday). A friend has come to stay and on the weekend we will make apple sauce and maybe lemon butter.

What have you got planned for the weekend? Do you have a friend that you hang with and drink coffee and eat donuts? Or shop with on a fortnightly basis?

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